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nardac January 24th, 2015 13:14

2015 Nairn Airsoft Field, Lots happening!
Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2014 season! We had a great year and are hoping to make 2015 even better.

Three seasons ago we started out as a dozen guys who'd play occasionally; last year we had 4 big games with numbers from 40-60 players. Nairn Winter Classic, the Fall: Immortal Scimitar, OP:Street Cleaner, and Conquest Nairn. In addition we had many mission based or skirmish weekends with numbers anywhere from 12 to 25 players.

This season our schedule is filling up quite quickly, March 1st we are hosting our second Winter Classic: Nuclear Winter.

April 11/12 a group of our regular players from the Operators will be heading to New Mexico to play in OP: Copperhead hosted by American Milsim. Check it out

May 2nd we will be hosting a BBQ and field clean up day 10am-4pm, we provide the steaks and our regulars provide the muscle :)

June 13/14 is of course Nightfall 4 hosted by Force Recon, some of our regulars will be playing as the dedicated OpFor in the FRAGO missions.

July 18 will be our 2nd instalment of Street Cleaner, DEA, Smugglers, Cartels, the Mexican border, and the on going struggle to stop the flow of drugs. Same format but with a few new twists.

September 12 will be Conquest Nairn, 3 teams, one objective, dominate the entire field! Last season Bravo team took the title with a great effort by the HighlandSTORM players.

We will also be continuing our weekend skirms and offering smaller mission specific games, think Special Forces and Black Ops. Teams who would like to come out and try one of our missions can PM me. We have a dedicated group we call our N-PAC Force (Nairn Private Airsoft Players), experienced people from different teams who will act as OpFor. We have preset missions, or give us an outline and we will build one for you.

Special shout out to The Airsoft Operators and Pure Predator Airsoft Infantry for making us their home fields.

We also have a few hosts that have contacted us with regards to running their own big games and series, we'll keep you posted as soon as we have confirmation.

Keep an eye on events schedule in theses forums for signing up.

Check us out on facebook "Nairn Airsoft Players"

See you on the field

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