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Alpha032 December 27th, 2010 13:02

WE fps increase/decrease?
I was thinking of buying a WE M4 CQB-R (Gen-3) GBBR and would want it to be an all around gun, I found this product ( on this site (, that lowers the fps and the gun is then usable in CQB. My question is: Does this product reliably and consistently change fps, or will it not work at all and I would of just wasted money?

audi_bhoy December 27th, 2010 14:53

I don't know about that product, but RA-tech seems to be the leader in WE upgrades and FPS adjustments so far.

m102404 December 27th, 2010 18:00

In my personal opinion, the TSC adjustment system...while as a design idea is very mutated salty monkey balls in practice. At least that's my experience in the few that I've take that for what it's worth.

I'd go with a RAtech type system instead.

Cujo101 December 27th, 2010 18:14

anyone have any opinion about the we m4 bolt that brings down the fps ?

onemenace January 5th, 2011 14:41

what I have done is actually incorporated the TSC piece with the ratech nozzle npas and removed the blue "air craft aluminum" (kough bs) with the original black tube, installed and it works wonderfully for me. I really like how there is no spinning and it makes removing it and installing very easy and i think it just inherits less problems. Some one told me that they dont have the same threading but I had 0 issues.

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