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CalvinTat September 26th, 2005 23:37

TM Airsoft Mini
Just wonder if these can make it accross the USA/Canada Border. To me, logically, since these guns are so deformed and obviously not real fire arms they should be able to get accross customs.

I want them for plinking nothing else.

PTE. Pyle September 26th, 2005 23:43


GMTII September 26th, 2005 23:47


CalvinTat September 26th, 2005 23:54

I'm not worried, these is a guy on ebay with a Mini AK47 for $15usd, figured I would ask before buying.

GMTII September 27th, 2005 00:08


Lisa September 27th, 2005 16:51

Since "minis" are not 1:1 to any guns they're not "replicas", they're toys and not covered by any firearms laws.

yanhchan September 27th, 2005 17:24

Wow....wait what if someone made a gun that is scale so its very close to the real gun what would happen then? Just wondering thats all

softairaction September 27th, 2005 17:28

siezed probly like the tm boys ones

GMTII September 27th, 2005 18:17


The Saint September 27th, 2005 22:36

Huh, this makes me want to get a mini for the silly chibi factor in the future. :D

GMTII September 28th, 2005 00:07


Syphen September 28th, 2005 06:37

Mini's are good for the silly chibi factor. Ask anyone who I've killed with my mini mp5 @ games and how embarassing it was :P

softairaction September 28th, 2005 07:56

lol ahahaha that embariassing. hope it doesnt happen to me

firemachine69 September 28th, 2005 13:40

Yes, they will. I remember seeing minis being on the exemption list.

Shipping will rape you though.

My very first airsoft was a Cyma springer, or springers I should say. A smallish handgun (which, in a way, could still "resemble" a real firearm), and a disassembled rifle, which through X-ray. Its size was about 2/3rd's of a real rifle. Got through customs without a hitch, didn't even pay for customs. :D

yanhchan September 28th, 2005 16:17

I strongly urge ppl to buy from Canadian retailers rather than trying to sneak guns through customs...unless you enjoy body cavity searches....Just wondering tho Do ppl use Minis as side arms. I'd love to use one as a side arm just for the hell of it

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