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The_Tacticool_Walrus March 18th, 2019 21:07

Repro M600 With Trades - Will it cross the border?
I recently purchased a repro M600 with trades (without trades was sold out) it is coming from HK so it should enter at a Canadian port, it’s on Snail mail so still a few weeks out, I was just wondering would his be stopped at the border? Or would it only get stopped if it’s coming in from the American side potentially?

Thanks for the input I searched around and could find no help here, anything is appreciated.

Alkyone March 18th, 2019 23:52

I just received my own m600b with trademarks, no problems whatsoever.

pestobanana March 19th, 2019 02:22

I've imported several real Surefire lights. Your clone will be fine.

The_Tacticool_Walrus March 19th, 2019 11:06

Thanks for the insight!! PestoBanana, i was enquiring as I was worried they might be stopped at the border due to being replicas with Surefire trades.

Danke March 19th, 2019 13:44

The USA is where this stuff gets snagged at the border. CBSA doesn't worry about it.

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