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volteco November 26th, 2019 13:57

Novritsch rifle seized by customs. Documentation on paper requested
Hey everyone!

I have purchased the Novritsch and was not expecting it to be stopped as it is clearly more than 366fps. However CBSA did stop it and now even requesting paper documentation showing manufacturers specifications??? This is very weird. I have imported several guns in the past and even if stopped they would still release them just upon my written note stating it is more than 366fps with 0.2g bb.

I have submitted the request to Novritsch for the documentation but have yet to hear an answer from them. On their website it states it is very easy to import into Canada. Yeah, right...

Was wondering if anyone else had similar issues?

Hiker_Boy November 26th, 2019 14:47

You were just unlucky and got the one super officious inspector that loves to make people miserable. Within 10 seconds, he has the ability to look up the specs himself but he won't. When his puny bureaucratic ego has finally been satisfied he will bill you with an additional customs inspection fee. Been there done that.

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