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Yuxi January 27th, 2003 20:37

Thread dedicated to discussion of US Navy SEALs, gear, weapons, tactics, etc.

Though I have now quit airsoft, I shall keep an eye on this thread, thus, in an effort to keep the quality content decent in this thread, periodically threads not directly relevant to/detracts from the discussion shall be deleted.

Yuxi July 30th, 2007 18:35

Below are some sample pics I have of recent SEALs, Id have more to show but my laptop lacks internet for the moment, as well as the incredible pain it would be to post all. (Please correct me if I have mislabled any of the pictures)

This should help you get an idea of what a contemporary SEAL is using.

If you have questions on what gear is in the pictures, I can do my best to help, though a fellow teammate of mine is far superior, and I can get him to help if you are really intent on IDing something.

Jar|-|ead July 31st, 2007 13:38

HellRanger July 31st, 2007 15:34

Don't over do it with the paint job either, keep it simple it's not work of art.

Take a look at some of the real steel paint jobs on the net. They are very simple and the paint is scratched off and banged up. It's called added character or experience. Break the lines, that's the frist rule about paint jobs.

If you want, I can compile a few pics of my paint jobs and send them to you via PM.


Originally Posted by philstructo (Post 511158)
And I gues I shall get some paint and fire up the old airgun eah.

Yuxi July 31st, 2007 17:53


Originally Posted by philstructo (Post 511158)
1. ok Sniper patch goes with my BDU to whoever buys it because after geting rid of my Sniper rifle I dont realy want it.

2. I have a CQB barell for my M4 but I like the range with the full size barell.

3. I have a light coming in from Korea along with a laser not the battery box style.

4. as for real plates damn there Expensive I have a RCMP Bullet proof vest bu it doeresnt fit I tryed.

5. one more Drop leg holster If I have a pistol that would be what I need right a Safariland Tan ?? or black if I get black It goes with my drop leg Kbar :)
And I gues I shall get some paint and fire up the old airgun eah.

Hey Philstructo,

1. Yeah, ditch the sniper patch, in all honesty ditch all patches, they are tacky. Only patches you should have are name patches, blood tapes, IR tapes, and possibly one with your team's name on it. Its cooler if you do not use your game handle on your name tape, just try using your last name, looks more professional. Get the name tape from and get it in OD, as OD patches go with EVERYTHING.

2. Take a look at my CQBR below, even if I had a full length M4 barrel, the G&P silencer would cover it completely. However, if you do not want that, afaik if you have a TN inner barrel with the right upgrades, the range difference between the 2 is negligible according to the guy who does guns on my team.

3. Go for either a real surefire, or try to find a surefire replica, afaik G&P makes some right now for a great price, it comes with mounts and pressure switches too.

Take a look at this one

4. I do not mean real plates, I mean fake ones, let me link you some.
Here are the hard ones

I can not seem to find the soft ones right now, but that is fine. You can just do what I did, take a thin camping mat, and cut it up to the shape of your CIRAS and stuff it in.

5. Whatever you do, do not buy holsters in special colors! Very noob, you will find that real soldiers just paint their holsters, as 98% of all holsters issued will be in black. Also, do not use any fancy painting utilities, most people will just paint with spray paint they get at a hardware store.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Anyhow, here is my CQBR, not done yet, lacking a killflash, the installation of a G&P metal body, and a light spray of tan as a paintjob.

Jar|-|ead August 1st, 2007 00:16

Here is my SEAL stuff and MK18 Mod0 CQBR.Im still waiting on my PACA armor.

Godlyspartan August 1st, 2007 02:01


Originally Posted by Jar|-|ead (Post 511461)
Here is my SEAL stuff and MK18 Mod0 CQBR.

Your gun certainly is not a mk18 or a cqbr(seal version). You need to rid yourself of that fancy collar/ras and sitck with the original delta/ris. Also you should not call your gun an mk18 mod 0 when it certainly does not have the features of a mk18 i.e the m4 lower and other areas i pointed out.
You might confuse the nooblets about the designations ;)

Yuxi August 1st, 2007 09:27


Originally Posted by philstructo (Post 511518)
Ok I will look around for a star crane stonck

as for the 3 colours Im good I am waiting for mine after a 3 month ordeal with Canada post for a lost money order .

Personally I prefer the G&P crane stock, I have owned the star once before, the price is good, however the I found the G&P one to be of a more realistic size (compared to the real one) as well as overall quality finish, it has a nice texture to it.

It is $108, and though not displayed in the picture, it will come with a 9.6v battery.

Godlyspartan August 1st, 2007 17:58


Originally Posted by Jar|-|ead (Post 511643)
Im still in the midst of putting a RIS version on that.Plus i have to change into the CQBR sling adapter.Oh and the Lower part of the body you mean this:

Yar a1 receiver, and the CQD sling adaptor :cool:
But if your gonna do a seal setup might as well stick with the m4 body, Since mk18 just for them navy boys Vbss

hondatech August 4th, 2007 14:36

FWIW, here's a good video from 60 Minutes of SEALs in action in Afghanistan

Go Go Gadget Youtube

Yuxi September 18th, 2007 08:19


Originally Posted by Carbine (Post 538380)

The armor is probably the now famous 'PT' armor

A few fairly priced airsoft replicas are now available, look on WGC.

As for the vest, I do not really know, I can try to look things up when I return later tonight.

Yuxi September 20th, 2007 10:06


Originally Posted by Carbine (Post 539715)
What other vest is closest to the PT armor? Modular vest? Thanks in advance.

I mean if you want to imitate the movie, and specifically that picture, you need the PT armor.

Their gear changes when they go on their primary mission of the movie. So if you want their jungle gear, bring up a picture of him there and the rest of us can try.

Yuxi September 25th, 2007 00:10


Originally Posted by swatt13 (Post 542373)
well this is the best place for my question, what the hell is the difference between the navy seal ibh and the swat ibh? wgc lists them as seperate.

I believe 'swat' is merely another company which produces an IBH replica, like 'Proud'.

Below is info I posted about real IBHs in another thread.


The Integrated Ballistic helmet (IBH) was produced by ILC Dover under contract by USSOCOM in 1995 - 1996. A total of 741 helmets were produced, and issued to SOCOM and FBI HRT personnel. The helmet was developed to support USSOCOM tactical operations requiring lightweight ballistic protection, communications, night vision systems interface, interface to a multitude of gas masks and other protective equipment.

The original helmet has a quick detach night vision bracket that allows mounting of various systems such as the AN/AVS-6 and AN/PVS-7. However, some units are known to have removed this system in favor of the Wilcox PVS15/18 mount. These helmets also came with the IBH Ambient Hearing System (AHS) with communication abilities and offer support for the following radios:

-Harris AN/PRC-117B
-Harris AN-PRC-117D
-Magnavox PRC-113
-Motorola MX300-R
-Motorola Saber

Yuxi December 6th, 2007 18:47


Originally Posted by Danny Cyanide (Post 589377)
Thanks a bunch man!

Oh, small note, don't worry if Huang's helmet is OD, just spray paint it.

If you look at the pic, that guy's helmet came in a different color to, so he just blasted it with paint.

Note also that when he sprayed his helmet, he had left a arm on the mount itself. Now that the arm is gone, the spot where the arm covered is not painted.

If you want your kit to be ultra realistic, you need to keep in mind small details like that, which is what makes a 90% accurate piece of kit into the 98% one.

Yuxi December 6th, 2007 19:39


Originally Posted by Dracheous (Post 589395)
Yuxi, you don't think a Calvary headset like the ones Huang carries as well wouldn't do? Very similar looking to me, maybe not perfect, but similar enough for purposes of Airsoft :P.

'similar' anathema for accurate for impressions dude :) However huang's set is pretty damn good, but if you look closely there are a few inaccuracies and flaws.

DEVGRU swimmer style headsets are not all that expensive, around 135 USD. Even Peltor Comtacs, with the strength of the CDN dollar is not too bad either. I asked the guy who knows about comms on my team, basically I was told to stick to the DEVGRU version, as it is actually quite excellent both for looks and that it is a good headset.

In essence, I didn't want to spend 81 bucks to find out if huang's version of that one was good, when for 140 I got one I KNOW is excellent, especially given the physical inaccuracies of Huang's copy.

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