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devbro February 21st, 2019 18:06

female gears
long story short, my gf is interested in the sport but hate the marks that I get for obvious reason.

Long ago when I started, I remember a couple that were using some weird heavily padded clothes. It looked like some kind of warm jacket for winter times.

I wonder what others use to avoid the marks completely. in other words, what are the best set of clothes that ladies use to avoid the marks?

RainyEyes February 21st, 2019 19:09

Softshell jackets for tops.

For bottoms you're going to need to experiment some and let your GF shoot you in the butt and see what pants leave a mark and what don't. Generally any BDU bottoms with knee pads and some insulation underneath will do. Hard to find something that isn't hot af while still being maneuverable. I've worn jeans and still had minor marks left over. In my experience 380-450 fps will leave a mark but shots below that will not when it comes to jeans/khakis.

Jimjo2402 February 27th, 2019 14:29

In my experience the best way to avoid the lumps is baggy clothing.

Probably the best combo for bottoms would be. oversized (in the waist size only) combat pants and thicker leggings underneath.

You'll also want to put some thought into gloves. As getting a zinger to the finger nail is a huge turn off.

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Drake February 27th, 2019 15:05

A nylon vest (assault vest style) will pretty much absorb 95% of the BBs' energy.

I bought an ex one of these, worked well

Freeze February 27th, 2019 17:11

Hmm. My girlfriend comes out to play occasionally when it's Slaydies Sunday at Siege, she wears jeans, and two layers of hoodies (one is super thick) . She hasn't gotten any marks from what I can tell.

As for heat, Siege is also like 10*C inside so that's not a real issue.

I recommend Mechanix Impact Pro gloves, they've got this padding thing on all of the fingers. Lifesaver for sure.

ThunderCactus March 1st, 2019 23:29

paintball armor?
At any rate, it's gonna suck

catherine.poag72 March 15th, 2019 09:59

The best thing to protect yourself from getting welts is to wear many layers. For girls; the best is leggings under combat pants (and sweatpants under the combat pants if she is still getting welts) Then on top; a tank top, long sleeve, then combat shirt. If she is still getting welts then add an extra layer. And make sure she has gloves, something to cover her neck, high socks, googles, mesh mask, helmet and she will be set to go and shouldn’t get any marks!

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Wolf007 March 17th, 2019 20:38

Get UBACS shirt from England. It has to be Gen1 only. It will come with shoulder, bicep and forearm pads under neat. Those pads are concealed inside pockets.

devbro March 17th, 2019 22:12


Originally Posted by Wolf007 (Post 2063225)
Get UBACS shirt from England. It has to be Gen1 only. It will come with shoulder, bicep and forearm pads under neat. Those pads are concealed inside pockets.

That reminds of similar concept made by potomac. I had decent results with it when I started but ACU color did not match my eye colors. armynavydeals had them back then. :)

Kremator March 20th, 2019 11:27

I think your gf just wants to play laser tag

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