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FOX_111 May 1st, 2011 18:36

(Video) Squad work
YouTube - Raids Ã* Rawdon

Some helmet cam footage I shot this weekend. I lead about 20 guys, some of wich where at their first game, some where at their first time working in a coordonned team.

Teamwork was not very fluid and efficient. They needed to be told what to do to work in team, but we managed to have fun and kick some ass.

Akhéron Sombre May 1st, 2011 18:58

I'd prefer no music :P

Je crois que le commun des mortels ne sait pas ce qu'est une "base de feu". Par contre, "suppressing fire" est un peu plus compris.

Sinon, beau vidéo! C'est un bon système ta helmet cam.

FOX_111 May 1st, 2011 19:07

Je leur avait expliqué avant la game. Mais c'est pas encore compris de tirer sur des positions possible au lieu d'attendre de voir quelque chose.

I forgot to turn the music volume down. I realised after the video finished compiling, 1h later... Since my video editing software is so unstable (crash every 5 minutes), I did not felt like redoing and recompiling 1.5go worth of video. So, enjoy the music, made by Chemical Brothers, it's from the movie Hanna. And some Half Life music at the end.

Akhéron Sombre May 1st, 2011 19:10

We can live with the music :P

Effectivement, c'est un concept vraiment dur à rentrer dans la tête des gens : tirer sur les positions possibles et non juste sur les ennemis qu'on voit.

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