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Yuxi May 30th, 2007 14:30

Helmet Gallery
Like title says, if you have a cool helmet, whether it is modern, Vietnam, WWII, or any other era, post it up!

Protec full-cut with Surefire light and Wilcox NVG mount

IBH with a Surefire helmet light.

This helmet came black, so I sprayed it tan, added the velcro strips, then sprayed it a mix of brown and black mist and finally Godlyspartan attached the helmet light for me.

Previous helmets which I no longer own, and most people have seen it already, but here they are again.

US Issued CVC Helmet

MICH 2000 (Real)

Godlyspartan May 30th, 2007 16:25

TS IBH with Surefire helmet light, MS2000 Strobe, and homemade Brackets

Real Steel Mich
MSA Mich, With Goggle Stap Rententions, and NVG mount and arm.

MrEvolution May 30th, 2007 19:24

M1 Helmet, with WW2 Spade paintjob. No Chinstrap.

2nd M1 Helmet, woodland cover + Chinstrap

Plastic PASGT

And yes thats a Crappy Tire springer next to it.

philstructo May 30th, 2007 21:12

My helmet has light mounted on side used a broken scope mount
desert evil grin patch and "born to kill" on the side

Lerch May 30th, 2007 23:43

Mk6 Kevlar Helmet [outsize]
~Desert Cover
~Dolly Tire Innertube
~Tan Helmet Band
~ESS Land Ops

Gallet CG364 Kevlar Helmet [large]
~Temperate Cover
~NVG Harness
~OD Helmet Band
~ESS Land Ops
Mk6 Kevlar Helmet [outsize]
~Temperate Cover
~SWD Goggles and sleeve
~OD Helmet Band

deep in the bush May 31st, 2007 23:58

my helmet
1 Attachment(s)
This is my helmet.
My apologies it was in my bag for the next game. So it is not fluffed up so to speak.

bruce June 3rd, 2007 19:37

Just waiting for several items to complete my IBH. I've made the com headset mount out of plastic because making them in metal is Hell!

Yuxi June 4th, 2007 00:26


Originally Posted by bruce (Post 481274)
Just waiting for several items to complete my IBH. I've made the com headset mount out of plastic because making them in metal is Hell!

I was painting something the night Godly was making them out of metal, more than once I thought he was going to get really hurt, i.e. dremel his hands...or nuts? :D

Yuxi June 4th, 2007 17:07


Originally Posted by philstructo (Post 481448)
Whats the Diference between PASGT and MICH

And them IBH Helmets where do I get one?

MICH is lighter, uses a newer (better?) suspension system.

Look at the PASGT front it has a 'lip' which MICH does not.

As for IBH helmets, me and Goldy got ours through a pre-order for them, but they are on Ebay now

This is just about the price we paid.

The helmets come jane plain, you gotta put some effort into it to make it something more fun.

bruce June 17th, 2007 22:57

Finally got my IBH finished.

Nightshot that shows the IR Reflective patches and the MS2000 working.

Skruface June 18th, 2007 14:18


Originally Posted by Godlyspartan (Post 479312)

While I dig your setup, the patches of black velcro on the sides combined with the "mohawk-like" strip of velcro down the middle reminds me of Mr. T's hair:

Spitfire June 21st, 2007 15:59


(Realsteel with MC printing... no cover :wink: )


(Helmet with Frogsman headset)

and now...


H-G February 28th, 2008 17:23


youonlywish February 29th, 2008 02:33

Pfft, you're helmets have too many gadgets.

This is my M-1C from my WWII 101st Para kit. I completely re-finished it.

(these pics are BEFORE I took the VN era clips and strap off.)

youonlywish February 29th, 2008 04:09

my zombie helm....
a bunch of graffiti on it.
Graffiti on the helmet reads:

the only good zed has a hole in it's head

Once dead, walks again,
taunts you, in the way he howls.
Searching for a feast.
The breath of the corpse
Shakes loose, the bones of his foes.
His stench, known by all.
take heed, walking plague,
Though, my rifle has no name
My will it does obey.
Let me deliver.
For your soul is lost tonight,
I will bring you home.

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