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Snakes709 October 4th, 2019 23:12

Edmonton area buy and sell
Anyone know of any forums/groups for the Edmonton area to buy and sell. Havent played in 3+ years due to a back injury from the military. Selling my gear/guns and cant seem to do it on here because of the stupid age verification.

Jaeger_CDN October 5th, 2019 01:57

we're using mewe there to get around facebook's stupidity

hollywood... October 23rd, 2019 15:42

your stupid Age Verification has been activated

naminator October 23rd, 2019 16:00


Originally Posted by hollywood... (Post 2071636)
your stupid Age Verification has been activated

No you're stupid.

ShaneConnell October 23rd, 2019 17:05

Just as a heads up, there is a swap meet @ FOF on November 3rd.

hollywood... October 23rd, 2019 18:58


Originally Posted by naminator (Post 2071637)
No you're stupid.

I said pardon?

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