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matt91 June 22nd, 2015 23:11

Operation "FUBAR" Manitoba 16 hour Vietnam Milsim July 25th-26th

j_march June 23rd, 2015 00:49

i might have to try and make it to this….i have so many vietnams era guns its stupid

R3CON1 June 26th, 2015 18:55

More information about this NAM game ?

matt91 June 27th, 2015 14:28

This is the link to the fields facebook group:

16 Hour Vietnam Immersion/MILSIM event
$15 prepaid (paypal or in person) or $20 walk in

The standard ammo limits of 400 or unlimited real caps per rifleman and 1000 per machine gunner.

Situation: early 1967: after months of rumors of Hands on Soviet involvement in Laos and Cambodia MACV SOG has gained possible intelligence that Russian "advisers" may be conducting operations along side the NVA. RT Hammer will be inserted into Laos to investigate the possibility of soviet involvement in Vietnam.

muddertrucker June 27th, 2015 18:56

Sounds freakin awesome!

matt91 June 29th, 2015 23:43

I'm not gonna lie, this isn't gonna be a huge event with hundreds of people, this is going to be a smaller group mostly made up of dedicated players (lots with era gear and the ones that don't will at least make an effort to namify their kits) that will be trying to play an immersive experience. If you wanna just run and gun in a 1,2,3 GO! type game then you won't enjoy it but if you wanna feel like your actually in Vietnam searching through the jungle for GI's or being worried that your being pursued by NVA then this is more your speed!

matt91 August 21st, 2015 23:35

Borealis August 22nd, 2015 01:32

The links are dead.

matt91 August 23rd, 2015 23:05

hows this one? unfortunately we didn't get any pics of the VC/NVA

Kutter August 29th, 2015 07:30

I was looking forward to seeing pics of the game but those images aren't showing up still.

matt91 March 1st, 2016 21:28

Ok one more try!

Borealis March 2nd, 2016 11:26


Originally Posted by matt91 (Post 1972999)
Ok one more try!

Thanks. The link is working.

Awesome to see that the players are smiling in that last picture.

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