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Kozure April 4th, 2019 12:44

Problems Removing Slide on VFC/Cybergun M&P9, Persistent Trigger Assembly Issues
First, the main problem: pulling the slide all the way back and clicking the take-down lever into the vertical downward position, the slide comes forward, past the usual "rest" position, but does not slide past the trigger assembly for a proper take-down. I cannot remove the slide as a result. The pistol is otherwise functional. I have tried holding the trigger while gently easing it forward and I have also pulled the slide firmly near the front of the mag. I don't want to really yank on the slide for reasons I'll explain below.

Background: I have two Cybergun/VFC M&P9 (full size, not compact). They are obviously not competition grade (I use them purely as a backup to my AEG for milsims and indoor skirmishes) and are currently mostly stock parts except for a replacement slide on one of them and I have previously replaced a trigger assembly with OEM parts on the other about a year ago - a metal component inside the trigger assembly sheared off.

Recently one pistol stopped working. Not only was it not firing, I could not remove the slide because it would not slide past the trigger assembly. After considerable effort, I managed to remove the slide, but it was clear that the hammer was not popping back up into the cocked position after racking the slide. Having replaced the trigger assembly on one pistol last year, I figured it was a similar issue and ordered two new replacement assemblies (I like having a spare on hand).

I have two other pistols, a TM PX4 and a KJW P226E, and I can remove both slides with zero difficulty using the take down lever (P226) or button depress (PX4). Before both these M&P9 pistols began experiencing difficulties with the trigger assemblies, I could remove the slides, usually with a small degree of resistance and occasionally manipulating the trigger, but never having to apply too much force.

While using one (working) pistol as reference for the other, I ran into resistance removing the slide on the working pistol, and used a little more force than usual, and got the slide off. Once I had the slide off, however, the hammer was stuck down, much like the broken pistol - it appears that I had somehow jammed the hammer in the process of applying force to remove the slide. (? - I'm not sure)

So... I broke one pistol trying to fix the other: two broken pistols. I sighed and replaced both assemblies, figuring that once I replaced the assemblies, the slide removal problem would disappear. I lubricated all necessary parts, and reassembled the pistols. After replacing them, the pistols both worked fine - fired consistently, giving expected FPS. However, even after replacing the trigger assembly, the pistols feel like they are resisting having the slide removed - following the steps above, I still cannot remove the slide easily on either.

Now I have two working pistols, but whatever I have done or however I have reassembled the parts, the slide doesn't want to come off on either frame. My worry is that if I try too hard to remove the slide, I'll end up breaking a trigger assembly again, and I'm out of spares.

Any fellow Cybergun/VFC M&P9 owners run into a similar issue? Any pointers for dealing with this issue, or maybe a little trick to removing the slide which I'm not aware of?

I've watched a number of disassembly videos on YouTube, among them:

None of them appear to experience the degree of resistance I encounter when trying to remove the slide.

Thanks in advance for advice!

[I posted this on Reddit as well, if you feeling like you've read this somewhere before]

RainyEyes April 4th, 2019 14:55

A little grinding is normal since the hammer will slide against the bbu. From the sound of it I think your hammer assembly needs a power washing.

Kozure April 4th, 2019 16:31


Originally Posted by RainyEyes (Post 2063915)
A little grinding is normal since the hammer will slide against the bbu. From the sound of it I think your hammer assembly needs a power washing.

Ordinarily I would say - 'yeah, I should probably clean them' - but both are now brand new, fresh out of the packaging OEM part trigger assemblies.

If they are still sticky tonight after trying the suggested method below, I will try power-washing them.

A person on r/Airsoft said this:


Okay so I own the pistol as well

To take the slide off after I pull the takedown lever I gently karate chop the back of the slide a few times and it’ll slide off, it hasn’t broken my gun thus far and I’ve completely taken it apart many times

If I understand you correctly, the hammer is pushed too far down, and pulling the trigger doesn’t cause the hammer to fall. If that’s the case then:

The hammer is not broken! The reason the hammer is stuck back is because it’s a full auto pistol.

If you take the lower of the gun, point it away from you, while looking at the top of it. There should be a small silver rectangle thingy on the right side of the top of the hammer assembly. Press it down, the hammer will then click into place where it is ready to fire.

The point of this function is that when you pull the small tab on the underside of your slide it will push down against the silver tab when the slide goes forward, and fire again.
So... just hit it (tap it? karate chop it?) a little harder and check to make sure that specific part isn't just keeping the hammer down?

Kozure April 4th, 2019 22:51

Well, that guy's crazy-sounding "karate chopping" technique works like a charm every time on both guns. I was a little skeptical, but it works! You flip the take-down lever as usual, let the slide spring forward, then tap the back of the slide with the knife edge of your hand three times and it almost flies off.

I then took a look at the trigger assemblies I thought were broken. One definitely seems to be broken, but the other was just as he described - when I flip up the silver plate on the right and work the trigger connection, the hammer springs up just as it's supposed to do!

I'm going to have a go at disassembling, thoroughly cleaning and reassembling the other trigger assembly. I have a working model to go from.

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