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ShaneConnell December 25th, 2021 15:00

A&K M60E4 HPA help
Hello and merry Christmas fellow plastic slingers. I need some help. I have an A&K M60E4 that I?m looking to HPA. I?ve never done this before, but I?m thinking I wanna make mine mountable and HPA. The pro I?m having is that I don?t know what engine to use. I?m not looking to brake the bank, but still want good performance. Any tips, suggestions or tricks are welcome.

DAVESAGE December 25th, 2021 16:06

Any of them are going to work well enough but if you want it to be extra fun, the Daytona engine adds that recoil element

Zfurlong February 23rd, 2022 16:23

If you aren't looking to break the bank, then you shouldn't be using an mg, let alone an hpa one.
But that aside, Daytona is costly, offers recoil and is a pig when it comes to air usage.
P*/wolverine have a few options available from a full mechbox replacement, to a cylinder replacement and is a lot more air efficient as well as able to be much more finely tuned.

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