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ShaneF August 13th, 2008 17:51

Zombie Game Rules
Here are my proposed rules for a zombie game that may or may not happen in the future. All I am looking for here is feedback on them. I would actually prefer criticism if you have any as it will give me a chance to fix and problems I've missed. There are probably spelling errors, rules loopholes/inconsistencies, etc. that still need to be ironed out.

The game is completely in the air and nothing it concrete right now as I need to a find a field that will let me host a 1) loud, 2) airsoft, 3) night game 4) with zombies, 5) without a bunch of restrictions (PM me if you any ideas).

This is in no way affiliated with Zeonprime's "Zombies!" series or The Saint's "Longest Night" game.


Civil War
All out civil war rages in North America because of the United States’ insistence in fighting three wars simultaneously (Iraq, Iran and North Korea).
Local police forces, already weakened from members being drafted into the military, were unable to settle the local populations and the entire country began pulling itself apart. Canada and Mexico followed shortly afterward because of their politicians unquestioningly backing the US and soon all of North America was soon bathed in conflict.
While chaos reigns across the continent, several groups emerged. Most were small organizations composed of ex-soldiers, police, militant civilians, etc. from any of the three countries who pooled their resources to survive the anarchy surrounding them.

Project Thunderbird
Unbeknownst to the US military or its civilians, the CIA had been experimenting with mind control techniques from the start of the US-Iran war. They realized the US military could not win the wars through conventional means with troops so thinly spread. At the start of the North American Civil War the best candidate was project “Thunderbird”.
A virus was created which allowed the infected to be controlled by a radio signal so when the time came, the enemy could simply be ordered to stop fighting.
Using a human carrier, the virus would be transferred via any living human cell (skin, blood, saliva, etc.). Once infected, the subject would mindlessly try and infect as many people as possible. The human carrier would also gain extraordinary regenerative, sensory, and hunting capabilities to help the spread of the virus.
It was also found that the test subjects used in the trials who had extremely high levels of the virus in their system (Supercarriers) could heal and even bring other infected persons back to life simply by touching them and transferring some of their cells to them.

As the civil war was heating up, the CIA decided to transfer facilities to avoid a growing tension between two rival groups in the area (Team A and Team B). Unfortunately, as the transfer was in progress, the tension exploded into an all-out turf war and the last helicopter carrying the Supercarriers, several cases of the virus and its cure was shot down.
The CIA facility was overrun soon after and both sides learnt of project Thunderbird but by then it was too late. Both factions raced off to find as much cure as possible to protect themselves from the Supercarriers who were now running free…


Team A – Have the most cure items by the end of the game
Team B – Have the most cure items by the end of the game
Zombies – Infect all the humans.
Hillbillies – Balance the game.

Secondary Objectives
Find the Pilot
The pilot of the downed helicopter only a mercenary (hired because of dwindling manpower in the home country). He/She will join any side that finds him/her first. The pilot also grabbed a box of cure items on their way out and has stashed them somewhere and will tell whoever finds him/her first.

Find Melee Weapons
In experiments, it was found that the best method for fighting the zombies was dismemberment, even though the zombie would grow the lost limb in a matter of minutes. Luckily, the locals are big weapon enthusiasts and have many simply lying around for whoever finds them first.

Find the Traitor
Both teams have a traitor/spy whose one goal is to help the other side as best they can. As soon as the traitor is discovered, they will activate their true team’s glowstick colour and rejoin the other side.

Game Rules

General Rules
- 18+
- 350fps max.
- No mercy.
- Players may swap ammo as they see fit.
- No outside ammo is allowed for this game.
- Semi-auto only for everyone but support gunners.
- No lasers.
- Flashlights are allowed but only mounted on guns.

Team A
- Red glowsticks in use when alive.
- Must have green glowsticks as well for when they are DEAD or have been turned into zombies.
- 300 rounds per player. Including support gunners.

Team B
- Blue glowsticks.
- Must have green glowsticks as well for when they are DEAD or have been turned into zombies.
- 300 rounds per player. Including support gunners.

- You only use green glowsticks when DEAD or STUNNED, otherwise, no glowsticks.
- 2 levels of zombie. Recently Infected Humans (“RC’s”) and Supercarriers.
- Supercarriers must have full-face masks.

- Purple glowsticks when in play, green glowsticks when STUNNED or helping players.
- Must have full face masks and walkie-talkies of the same frequency.
- No ammo cap.

Fighting Rules
-Whenever ANYONE is DEAD or STUNNED, they must deactivate their regular glow stick and activate their green glowstick. Anyone with a green glowstick cannot shoot or be shot until they activate their regular glowstick.

Melee Rules
- To melee a zombie, hold a designated melee weapon against them for 3 seconds while the zombie is STUNNED.
- Cure items count as 1-shot melee weapons. If used on an RC, they become a Human again instantly (they may gather weapons before returning to the game). If used on a Supercarrier, they are DEAD.

Human Respawn
-If shot once, you are immobile for 5 minutes. You are allowed to use any of your weapons but you must drop to the ground. You may be moved by teammates as long as they support you with 1 hand. If you are brought back to your base you are fully healed.
-If you are shot a second time or in the head, you are DEAD. Activate your green glowstick, walk back to your base and respawn after 1 minute.
-If you are shot in your base, you are DEAD. Find the nearest hillbilly and respawn after 1 minute.

Zombie Respawn
- If shot, you are STUNNED for 30 seconds. After which, deactivate your glow stick and re-enter play with a 5 second invulnerability.
- If melee’d or have had a cure item used on you, you are DEAD for 5 minutes (non-stackable). After which, turn off glow stick and re-renter play with a 5 second invulnerability. If you feel you are being camped, move somewhere safer to respawn.
- If you are DEAD, you may be revived by a Supercarrier if they place a hand on you for 5 seconds.

Hillbilly Respawn
- May not be infected (the meth kills the zombie virus).
- Whenever shot, you are STUNNED for 15 seconds (again, it’s the meth). After which, deactivate green glowstick, reactivate purple glowstick and re-enter play.

Zombie Rules
Infection Rules
- Infection with 1 second touch. Human now has 5 minutes before INSTANTLY turning into a zombie. IMMEDIATELY turn off glow stick and become a zombie when this happens.
- Zombies kill humans with a 3 second touch. Human is then IMMEDIATELY a zombie and must turn off glow stick.
- After you have become a zombie, you may activate your green glow stick and put your weapons in the safe zone or your base but you cannot be healed during this time. Return to the spot where you were infected and re-enter play.
- Hillbillies cannot be infected by zombies.

Using Cure Items
- You may only cure RC’s. “Curing” Supercarriers count as using a single-shot melee weapon.
- You may only cure an RC after they have re-entered play from stashing their weapons.
- Zombies must be DEAD or STUNNED when curing them.
- Whenever a cure item is used, dispose of the liquid inside and give the empty syringe to the next Hillbilly you see.

The Saint August 13th, 2008 18:04


Originally Posted by ShaneF (Post 793594)
This is in no way affiliated with Zeonprime's "Zombies!" series or The Saint's "Longest Night" game.

You missed ReAnimation. Zombies!!! has 3 exclaimation marks.

This falls under themed games forum, not general. Also, why two threads?

ShaneF August 13th, 2008 19:13


Originally Posted by The Saint (Post 793610)
You missed ReAnimation. Zombies!!! has 3 exclaimation marks.

This falls under themed games forum, not general. Also, why two threads?

Because as you pointed out before, I didn't ask permission before I posted my tentative game rules which borrowed parts of their backstory and rules. I'd rather not step on any toes and be banned from Border Wars or Zombies! because of a game I hosted.

Also, I didn't even know of the "Themed Airsoft" forum, which shows just how popular (and likely to get feedback for) it is.

skalnok August 13th, 2008 19:50

why not make it so you can only melee a zombie when they are already stunned so people dont just wait for the zombies and stab em?

ShaneF August 14th, 2008 23:49


Originally Posted by skalnok (Post 793748)
why not make it so you can only melee a zombie when they are already stunned so people dont just wait for the zombies and stab em?

Good point. Rules changed.

Also, I'm looking at suggestions for the Team names. They weren't going to be named "Team A" and "Team B" but I couldn't think of anything better at the time.

skalnok August 15th, 2008 00:52

mercenaries/PMC's and RCMP Special units ( its a canadian game right)

ShaneF August 15th, 2008 22:58


Originally Posted by skalnok (Post 795273)
mercenaries/PMC's and RCMP Special units ( its a canadian game right)

It's supposed to be as non-geographically specific as possible but I'll give that a thought.

ThunderCactus August 16th, 2008 00:59

Not using glowsticks is better, theres nothing quite like looking behind you and seeing zombies come out of complete darkness!

ShaneF August 16th, 2008 22:47


Originally Posted by ThunderCactus (Post 796289)
Not using glowsticks is better, theres nothing quite like looking behind you and seeing zombies come out of complete darkness!

They don't. Zombies are the only team who don't have glowsticks on while alive. They only turn them on once they're shot to stop people from overshooting them.

The rest of the teams need glowsticks in these games because there is almost no way of distinguishing one team from another once it gets dark out.

black nos August 30th, 2008 19:19

what kind of glow sticks are these that you can turn off and on? sounds like alot of fun tho.. hillbilly 4 lyfe

Hades August 30th, 2008 21:03


Originally Posted by black nos (Post 807235)
what kind of glow sticks are these that you can turn off and on? sounds like alot of fun tho.. hillbilly 4 lyfe

LED glowsticks run off batteries. Rules seem good. Suggestion is before a game of the magnitude is run would be good to run a few test games to iron things out. Also is the 1 second rule for zombie infection a simple count to "1" ie. quick touch or is it a "1 mississippi" type deal.

Amos August 30th, 2008 22:57

I don't like the entire glow stick idea...

That ruins the entire "Zombies coming out of the dark" aspect

Scalpel August 30th, 2008 23:04

A zombie should never be forced to count in Mississippies, its insulting to the undead. Instead they should count in BRrrrrrAaaaaINSsss.

Sasha May 18th, 2009 11:00

We tried something remarkably similar, actually.

Zombies don't get guns and get 'kills' by tagging humans. Humans 'killed' go down on one knee and count to thirty, after which they respawn on the spot as zombies.

Humans are armed with sidearms (or cqb weapons on semi) and with close combat weapons (foam swords, fencing weapons, etc) and must shoot or tap the zombie's head to score a kill. The melee weapon is to prevent point blank face shots, but zombies are nevertheless encouraged to wear face protection and/or helmets.

The game starts with one 'alpha' zombie per five humans. Zombies have their own spawn point which the humans aren't allowed to approach. Alpha zombies spawn here, and newly infected zombies start spawning here after the first time they are killed (when converted, of course, they spawn where they were tagged)

The game goes on until the humans achieve their objective, or until the zombies kill them all.

Game types:

Death match: zombies get 3 lives, alpha zombies get 4, humans get 1. Fight to the death.

Evac: The alpha zombie hides a timer set for five minutes. The humans must find it, activate it and defend it until the five minutes expire (the zombies can't stop it, but they can kill all the human defenders).

Notes: the game only works in periods of poor visibilty, like fog or at night. In such circumstances, humans wear glowsticks and zombies don't. It also works better if the humans are forced to split up for whatever reason.

And zombies are encouraged to yell 'brains' whenever they feel like it.

Brian McIlmoyle May 18th, 2009 15:43

I think you should use
these rules!!

the presence of a a coloured glowstick on any player means they are "out of game" and should be ignored by zombies and Humans. "out of game" people must not communicate with in game people, If you wish to communicate with an out of play person you must also go "out of Game" by exposing a glowing coloured glow stick.


1. zombies can not be killed by guns

2.Zombies can not run except within 15 feet of "human flesh"

3.zombies infect by grabbing with 2 hands

4.zombies are stunned by bullets and by attacks with Knifes. Attacks with larger Melee weapons do not stun.

5.Attacks with melee weapons imobilize the limb hit with the weapon. ( hit in the leg.. they have to crawl.. hit in the arm can't use the arm. A strike to the body "kills" the zombie ( they must respawn) Once "killed" the zombie will fall where struck.

6.Zombies may die and respawn as a "fresh zombie" at will ( To respawn a zombie must spend 5 minutes motionless to represent time spent "regenerating" The zombie should do this in a place where they won't continue to be a target..)

7.When stunned Zombies fall to the ground and count to 30 .. then they may get up ( if they want to )

8. shooting or hitting a downed zombie has no effect.


1. die when grabbed by 2 zombie hands ( does not have to be attached to the same zombie, so one armed zombies can still kill if there is more than one of them) When killed by a Zombie you must respawn as a fresh zombie. ( once you are "killed/ infected you should remove your weapons and gear stow them safely at game control and then go find your new zombie friends )

2.may be armed with a gun or a melee weapon. ( or nothing )

3.guns fire semi auto only, below 350fps

4.Melee weapons other than rubber knives will be supplied ( we will use foamy LARP weapons )

5. adhere to the ammo limits. Max starting loadout is 60 rounds for all weapons. Additional ammo will be hidden on the field along with melee weapons. (FTF will supply all ammo do not bring your own )

6. humans if shot become wounded and may not walk... they must crawl.. but they can still defend themselves with weapons. a healthy human can help you move. To be healed you must have a "aid kit" with you and you require the help of 2 people to administer aid, The healing process takes 5 minutes during which time the wounded player must remain sitting or laying down without moving. While healing the wounded person is helpless and may not act to defend themselves. "Aid Kits" are single use items and are destroyed by using them.
If you are shot again or struck with a melee weapon while wounded you are killed you must lay where killed ( or your body can be moved by your friends ) for 10 minutes If you are touched by a zombie during this time you will respawn as a zombie. If you are not zombiefied.. you may respawn as a fresh human go to game control for instructions ( you may have to give up weapons and items you have gained in the game at that point.

7. Humans can take ammo from other humans or Melee weapons , ( especially when they are killed )

Finding Weapons:

Humans will start out with limited or no weapons .. anyone may have a rubber knife. ( this menas that even though you bring a gun.. you may not be able to use it at first)

Weapons will be found as follows.

Cards describing found Items will be distributed on the field .. if a player finds a card describing a found item such as ( Assault rifle and 3 magazines ( 90 rounds ) ) then the player may then arm themselves as indicated on the card.. cards may be given to other player .
Players should bring their primary weapons and secondary weapons with them to the field and stow them at game control. If they find a card indicating a weapon upgrade then they may return to game control and arm themselves with thier own weapons as indicated on the card.

Melee weapons, ammo and aid kits will be "found" objects they will be physically hidden on the field

Definitions: (You don't have to read this part its just background)

Zombie- humans who have been infected with an unknown agent that transforms them into semi mindless humaniod creatures with a single minded focus on the consumption of Human flesh.. particularly neural tissue. It seems that the consumption of neural tissue serves a critical function in the maintanance of zombie health. Whatever the agent that causes the transformation from human to zombie is, it is highly transmissable. Physical contact with infected zombies results in a cascade transformation of Human to Zombie. Although Zombies are technically alive.. Their bodily functions are mutated from the human form.. Respiration is carried out by gas exchange at the surface of the skin in what appears to be open wounds and abscesses. Zombies will tend to stay out of the sun and prefer to inhabit moist environments as the moisture enhances their respiration. Circulation is passive requiring zombies to be constantly on the move in order to maintain their "blood" circulation. This form of circulation and respiration makes zombies very difficult to kill They are immune to most assaults. Gunfire will shock them and cause them to fall as will stabbing or slashing with small edged weapons, however these types of wounds actually improve the zombies respiration process and won't kill them. Zombies must be physically destroyed to be killed. Even headless zombies have been known to continue to shamble for days. Large edged weapons such as axes and swords are very effective but the blows must be directed to the limbs or body, destroying the limbs will reduce the mobility of zombies and significant body wounds will cause sufficient loss of blood ( the blood is stored and circulates from an large organ that appears to be the former Human Liver but about 4 times the size ) stabbing or slashing this organ will kill the zombie.
Zombies are slow moving due to their low energy metabolism but they are capable of short bursts of quickness particularly if they are close to food. Althoigh most remnants of human intelligence is lost in the transformation zombies do posses rudimentary animal cognition and exhibit a pack mentality and will tend to congregate in groups to facilitate hunting.

Pathology of infection:

The vector of infection has not yet been isolated yet but it appears as though the agent is a prion.. an non living naked loop of DNA that incorporates itself into the host DNA and begins altering the expression of the hosts DNA like some form of Codon switch. Tissue samples show that large sections of previously dormant DNA begin to produce unknown protiens shortly after infection.

Once infected the human will begin to behave differently.. they will tend to shed extra clothing and drop articles that were previously important to them. Eventually they will wander off alone and will try to avoid human contact while the transformation progresses. The duration of the transformation varies between individuals but typically it can take several hours or even days for the transformation to progress to the point where the human is no longer recognizable and the zombie pathology is fully expressed. It is believed that the human to zombie transformation continues to progress but the final form of a fully transformed zombie has never been observed. Captured zombies become immobile seemingly entering a hibernation state, if kept separated from other zombies they will die.
The craving for neural tissue begins shortly after infection and it is believed that this is why most infected humans shun contact with other humans as their dwindling intelligence slowly is replaced with unsaitiable hunger, clearly their urges horrify them and they seek to isolate themselves. Eventually the hunger exceeds their remaining humanity and they begin to wander seeking their own kind and food. Rudimentray vocal abilities remain and depending on the duration from infection zombies may be capable of recognizable speech.. however all zombies seem interested in talking about is eating brains and nothing useful has ever been determined by trying to communicate with them. As the transformation progresses the ability to articulate recognizable words is lost, this is likely due to the fact that the human lungs atrophy as the zombie respiration organs take over the work of gas exchange. In time zombies become silent.

Human= not zombie yet

Weapons: Things used to kill zombies
Such as : rubber knives ( these do not kill zombies but they do stun them )
Bullets ( 6 mm plastic BBs fired from an airsoft gun set to semi automatic fire only and firing less than 350 fps)
Melee weapons: Foam based swords and axes that can be used to hack up zombies and kill them

Fear: what humans feel

Hunger: the only thing zombies feel

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