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Ace of Spades© July 28th, 2008 16:17

A little up-date with my lid. More pics in the SEAL's thread.

Shirley September 5th, 2008 14:36

Still need the Dummy NVG and Strobe.

Brakoo September 9th, 2008 15:00

Here is my IBH :

Huang IBH replica
Ops-Core X Harness
King Arms goggle sling
G&P Oakley SI Assault goggles replica
G&P MS2000 BB loader

I'm still missing the HL-1 replica and I need to order some new paddings for inside.

Jar|-|ead September 25th, 2008 02:37

My IBH update:

rockafella October 12th, 2008 03:12

Wow guys!!! My favorite ones: Godlyspartan and Jar l-lead
Here's my addition to this awesome helmet beauty pagent.

Still need a few things to complete:

-IBH Coms headset
-Patches; blood type*IR Flags
-Notoros NVG mount
-Goggle retaining staps
-Surfire Helmet Light

Just curious (those of you who have bought yourselves some genuine IR strobes) how much did you pay for it?

here's a users manual for the ACR MS IR Strobe:

FUK.NUT January 5th, 2009 03:00

Heres one of my helmets a M1 American/Canadian I took off the helmet cover so i could put on the netting and scrim

Hope you in Enjoy !


(i think i did a good job on the scrim:cool:)

hot_shot under fire February 22nd, 2009 20:44

Well, heres my craptacular addition to the gallery:

Its just a cheep PASGT with a homemade CADPAT cover and some scrim made from some CADPAT material and a duck decoy bag. I havent been abled to find some half decient black netting so I had to use some OD mesh to tie the scrim to. Im working on getting some replica ballistic goggles, but im short on cash right now, so im using my little bros snowboarding goggles as a replacement for now. The pack on the helmet with the Canadian flag patch on it is for my repare kit for my airsoft gun and also a med kit.


Love February 26th, 2009 18:58

My PASGT Helmet with Flectarn Cover. (Warning: I took this picture in a crappy lit room with my camera. I used a small picture to reduce pixelization.)
And yes, its posing with my sexy AK47.

Axe March 17th, 2009 13:29

Brain Bucket:

KNIVEZS March 17th, 2009 14:17

us issued ACH helmet

Alf45 April 12th, 2009 20:55

Doubles as my Bmx helmet.

megaman April 21st, 2009 00:47
just finished this up tonight!!!

Issue MS-2000
Norotos swing arm
Issue NVG mount
Goggle retention straps
Knock off surefire

the set of pad that came with the lid are absolutely horrible for fitment. i swapped out the pads from my replica mich and it fits my head perfect.

ive been searching for ever to get an issue medium Mich TC 2000 and my patience paid off when i found one locally!

SHÖCK April 25th, 2009 17:03

IBH + Tokyo Marui Pro Fan Goggles with detachable faceplate.

BTW, Where do you guys buy all those velcro tapes for your helmets? Just a fabric store? Do they stay on securely?

Ace of Spades© May 8th, 2009 11:32

I got bored...... and stuff happened to my MICH 2000 =)

Decided I wanted a MICH 2001

NVG mount is sitting the the orderly room of my base right now.

Shirley May 10th, 2009 02:24

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