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Sequential December 29th, 2013 19:42


Originally Posted by N_Force (Post 1850843)
It's a useful info about gas gun care. I'm more like a collector than a gamer. I collect only gas guns within these 2 1/2 year around 15 - 20 different rifles and pistols, new and used. I did the gun care and maintain even modify by myself. As of my experience I would like to add a bit more if that also count into gas gun care. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Gas gun has more vibration and higher impact than electric when shooting. Means some pins and screws could get lose easily. By lubricant your moving parts in your weapon, also check if there is any pin pop out or lose screw. That could cause problems if not be addressed and taking care of. Apply thread lock if needed to secure it in place. Further more, check with excessive wear, crack or damage everytime you do you gun care. If there is any, it will belong to maintenance and get gun doc to do it right if you don't know how to handle it. Enjoy and have fun!

+1 its the blow back that makes things come loose and break.
So it is best to inspect the gun after every game, lube it and clean it.
Neglect will only lead you to more problems.

alchemy July 19th, 2015 13:40


Originally Posted by Diadochi (Post 1850077)
Has anyone tried 410A refrigerant? "red gas" is just R-22, which is being phased out of production, and propane in also a refrigerant. 410 is just at a higher pressure at lower temps, roughly the same as propane on a warm day actually.

Havent tried it in a cold weather game yet, but testing it in my GHK currently. 410a is actually about 100psig higher than propane at any given temperature i.e at 80 degrees F 410a is 230psig, while propane is 130psig.. at 32 degrees F, 410a is around 110psig so theoretically it should work about as well as propane down to the freezing mark.
Rubber seals and gasgets are safe to mix with hydrocarbon refrigetants but you may have to tighten some things because the pressure is higher.
Goolge search PT chart r410a and r290 (propane) for a complete refrence.
If youre going to be out in colder weather youd need to goto CO2 or I had the idea of taping 'hot mits' heating pads around the mags to keep em warm. :)

Stainless Steel November 23rd, 2017 22:18

What type of adapter is needed to use a regular propane from CT?

R.I.T.Z November 23rd, 2017 23:56


Originally Posted by Stainless Steel (Post 2014094)
What type of adapter is needed to use a regular propane from CT?

Thrawns_drycleaner February 26th, 2022 19:48

Awesome guide thanks! Plus good info from commenters.

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