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[]D[][]\/[][]D December 13th, 2005 14:31

Gas Gun Care
I found this information at the Airsoft Atlanta web site and this is from our numerous experiences with Gas-Guns. This information is not all inclusive, and is subject to more testing, and opinions. This is up for more discussion and experience you all have had also. But, the findings are based on real-testing, and experimenting. I hope this helps everyone (newbie and veteran alike) on their gas-gun knowledge.

How to use a gas gun:

1.) Fill the magazine when it is upside down 180 degrees. The gas can will also be upside down. You will in essence have it upside down, not right side up when filling the gas in it. Its just like filling a butane lighter, you're transferring the liquid into the mag. Make sure they are both perfectly lined up vertically, not tilting sideways at all. Make sure the nozzles get a firm seal, and proceed to fill the "Liquid" into the mag. Filling time depends on the mag capacity. A normal handgun mag is generally about 3 seconds. A 50-round mag is usually about 5-6 seconds. Never ever fill it for more than 6 seconds! Do not fill it up till its, "full". You will destroy your mag this way. Filling the mags is a precision job, and requires skill. Do not mess this up, or you magazine will be toasted. When filling, do not get any liquid gas on your skin, eyes, etc. This will cause minor chemical burns, which are not pretty. You will want to wear gloves and eye protection when learning how to fill up your gun.

2.) What not to do when filling the mag: If you fill the mag, and gas-spills everywhere, STOP. Let the magazine warm up before attempting again. This is usually about 2-3 minutes. If you get a tight seal, and fill correctly, leave the mag alone. Do not use the gun till the mag warms up to room temp. usually about 2-3 minutes to warm up. Also, be sure not to overfill the mag. If you load it up for 15 seconds, you will probably blow the seals, or damage them. Do not fill for more than 6 seconds max, ever. Tapping the big metal button on the side of the mag will discharge the GAS reserve. Do not do this! It will prematurely wear the seals out. Instead, fire the gun until it is out of gas, or almost out. This is the safe way to discharge a gas-gun.

3.) Fire the gun in WARM weather. Using during the cold seasons are not advised. They will not cycle as well, fire good, and will use more gas than normal. Rapid-firing of the gas-gun will also cause the gun to freeze up, resulting in improper firing. This is usually not a problem in the summer months though.

4.) Use HIGH grade BB’s for your guns. In the KSC Glocks, cheap BB’s have a tendency to Jam in the magazine well, preventing proper firing. Marui and Excel BB’s are slick enough to work properly in the guns. Taiwanese .20 BB’s are highly un-recommended. Using .12 is not advised. .25 are good for all gas guns as well.

5.) Gas-gun care: Be sure to keep your slide and all moving parts slightly lubed with SILICONE oil. Do not use anything else. 100% pure silicone oil is recommended, as it is safe for use on plastic and rubber parts. You can get this at any hardware store, Lowes, Home Depot, etc… Hoppes #9, wd-40, and other products will hurt the guns. Lubing the slide will keep the gun working fresh. Not cleaning the slide, and lubing it will cause jams and improper function (like real guns). You will have to field strip the gun to access the slide and parts. ALSO, be sure to spray silicone oil into the top nozzle of the Magazine well, every 5-6 magazines worth shot. This is done, by pressing the big-metal button on the side of the mag all the way down. While down, use a quick spray of Silicone into the rubber top-part (into the mag). This will keep the seals properly lubed for a lifetime of use. This was translated from the KSC manuals (Japanese). Just, never overkill the lubing. This is gunk up parts too. Just use enough to keep a thin surface lubed.

6.) Proper gas type. This is still a bit debate among airsofters. Here's a recommended list of gases for guns. HFC 134a green gas (KWC brand, Marui, etc.) is good for Japanese made guns. The TOP (AKA, Top green gas) is made for non-blowback Taiwanese, and other Taiwanese guns. Using metal slides makes use of HFC134a useless. We recommend the top gas for use with heavy slides. We do not recommend PC Duster gas for guns. They contain no Silicone, and are not factory authorized. Plus, the cost is not much more for the proper gas. That is the general idea, now for a list of guns, and recommended gases:

KWC: use TOP gas only for all guns. HFC134a (made by KWC ironically) is NOT recommended.

KSC/KWA: Use the Taiwanese TOP green gas with all these guns. The HFC134a is not powerful enough. This is especially true for the metal slide/barrel guns.

Western Arms: Suppose to use HFC134a gas. You may also use propane and TOP gas with the proper adapters by airsoft innovations.

KJW, Y&P, STTI, HFC, other Taiwanese guns: TOP GAS only. Using HFC134a is not powerful enough.

Maruzen, Marui: Do not use TOP gas. HFC134a recommended only.

Marushin: Uses HFC134a for ALL guns. Except for the M1 carbine, it works well with TOP gas.

Storing your gas-gun magazines: Make sure you keep a little tiny amount gas left in your magazines when you are done using them. Just enough for about 1-2 shots or less left is perfect. Do not keep them at full charge, nor totally empty. Never slam all the gas out of the gun by depressing the hammer valve. This freezes up the seals, leading to long term damage. Keeping enough gas (tiny amount), to keep the seals tight is good. Some say keeping the mags empty is best, but we do not recommend that. Keeping a small amount is best from our experience.

This information is for veteran gas-gun users and newbie’s alike. They are your guns, do what you want with them. But, this is solid information we have gathered over the years and researched. We have handled about every gas-gun made, and tested most of them. This information is also from other gas-gun veterans and Japanese gas-gun manuals translated.

endLess December 13th, 2005 15:24

Its all about propane :p

-Trooper- December 13th, 2005 15:42

I think that most of that is common knowledge to airsofters.
They should put that in the FAQ section for people that don't know how to properly take care of their guns.

Mantelope December 13th, 2005 15:54

Just for you newbs who might be reading this, TOP gas/green gas is propane.

Iggy December 13th, 2005 16:17


Originally Posted by harleyb
Just for you newbs who might be reading this, TOP gas/green gas is propane.

yeah it doesnt seem to mention anything about the propane adaptors and silicon oil from airsoft-innovations. i'm sure if they mentioned them and how adding a few drops of silicon oil in the propane can every 6-8 uses will keep your mags some-what oiled up.

attack-beaver December 14th, 2005 19:23

they never mentioned WE tech guns in the entire thing shamefull.

mcguyver December 14th, 2005 21:26

think "taiwanese".

glockinyou June 8th, 2006 08:22

damn thanks for the info.. lol a lot of gas seeped out of the tank while i filled it up and i think even my friend did it wrong..

sirex July 2nd, 2006 19:39

where do you get the gas?

mirage13 July 2nd, 2006 19:41

Buy Propane (Green Gas) at Canadian Tire for $3.50/tank.
Buy Duster (HFC143a) at Grand & Toy for $12.50/can.

Buy an adaptor for both gases and a bottle of silicon oil from ASC Armoury.

"All of your questions have been asked and answered, and are easily available to you by simply using the "Search" Function near the top of the page." ...or something like that...

incrediboy729 December 10th, 2006 23:40

what would you say to do for a loss of power/sometimes a BIG burst of gas out the top of the gun? If i hold the can on the mag while i shoot it does fine. please help me!!
P.S when is the forum open for posting?

Kuraitenshi December 11th, 2006 04:56

This question belongs in the doc's corner...
but I have to ask: are you tilting the gun like say horrizontally or more?
If you answered yes, then you've probably damaged all of your seals.
can on mag while you shoot??

incrediboy729 December 12th, 2006 00:07

i don't know how to post things in the d corner otherwise i would have sorry
anyway to repare them and how many?
P.S. i have never shot it upside down

Gh05t February 20th, 2007 20:16

whats the maximum amount of time you can leave ur mag filled with propane before it starts getting damaged?

also, i have an HFC Glock17.. do you recommend 0.2 gram BBs, or 0.25? thanks for the help.

thephenom February 20th, 2007 20:25

You can leave a bit of gas in, it should be fine. It keeps the seal in tact.

For GBB, the heavier, the more accurate, and you don't lose much FPS.

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