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MadMax August 18th, 2005 00:49

Were there anti camping rules to prevent the zombies from congregating around the door?

Maybe the headshot rule would work if everyone wore a big lunky motorcycle helmet. The pellet impact would make a nice loud THWACK to indicate a headshot. Heck, play with the visor taped down as eye protection so it'd fog up and make the zombies eyesight blurry.

indiglo67 August 18th, 2005 11:10

I really like zombies movie to and your game look really cool.
Could the zombies run or if they can just walk slowly ?

Blastyman August 18th, 2005 12:46

Nobody camped the church. We knew that wouldn't be cool. hehe

We had it so the zombies could run. If you had enough zombies though you could probably make a rule about walking.

We played in the open I think another great variation would be to play in the trees when its not quite a dark out. (just so you wouldn't trip all the time and kill yourself).

Have it so the Zombies can only walk but the beauty part is in the trees it would be very easy to hide and pop out of no where on the unsuspecting humans.

Hell you could even make like a small party of soldiers who must make it thru the Zombie infested woods.

So many great variations on the theme is possible.

I for one was skeptical at first because I am not a big fan of fantasy or sci-fi scenerios but I admit I really got into the game.

Treadstone71 May 10th, 2006 15:11

I have nothing new to add, except that almost a year later, this is STILL the coolest concept for a specialized airsoft game I have ever seen.

I'm still encouraging you boys to come up with equally good scenarios!

quikstrike May 10th, 2006 15:24

Damn the pic isn't up anymore :(
I wanted to see it :( hah.

But hmmm, would be cool to set up a big game day event of this nature...

*ponders ideas.

Shrike May 10th, 2006 17:04

We tried it out a couple of times but the ratio of zombies to shooters needs to be tweaked. Also night would be the best time for a game and having buildings is good too.

If you have more than 20 people not everyone may get a turn as a shooter.

The other thing is safety, charging a pistol or AEG on semi can hurt. I took 2 to the head and 1 to the arm at the same time, needless to say I dropped fast.

It is a fun scenario tho, People should keep tweaking it.

blueblaster May 11th, 2006 00:47

wow it sounds exciting, although if the zombie and human ratio could be like 1 to 10 or more, it'll be even better!

Treadstone71 May 11th, 2006 07:52


Originally Posted by Shrike
The other thing is safety, charging a pistol or AEG on semi can hurt. I took 2 to the head and 1 to the arm at the same time, needless to say I dropped fast.

This kind of scenario requires that each player trust the other to NOT aim high.

If they'll get so whigged they'll start really making headshots, they shouldn't be playing.

JimmyP056 August 10th, 2006 17:57

This sounds great! only ish i had been there to own all the zombies :-D

Pliskin August 10th, 2006 18:13

Older threat, but I've got a relatively good idea probably thought of anyway. Just use paintball masks and hopefully keep the back of your head covered. That's the easiest thing to do for when your a zombie. But there is always the chance that the goggles might fail at one part, it really depends on what type of gear everyone brings.

Les_26 August 16th, 2006 04:53

This would be so awesome to try! Hmm it would be best if you could have a few shooters though. That way they would probly end up freaking each other out even more, than when a zombie pops out of no where (behind a tree or building) its even more histerical.

Also if someone could get a camera with night vision, or even strap a red flash light beside the camera on there helmet (red so you can still see in the dark) that should illuminate enough for the film to work, at least like 10 feet infront of the person.

Kuraitenshi August 16th, 2006 05:18

some o those ol zombie movies had the them of zombies with memorie so why not arm a few zombies with 1 or three rounds, combined with the foggy visors could mak a fun game more interesting.

Curmudgeon5462 September 4th, 2006 12:13 zombie variant (comming soon to site)
Your zombie game sounds fun, ill have to try it at some point.

We developed a zombie variant for the spies and mercs gameplay(, and in it we use a barn at night, and all people but 1 start out as unarmed civilians. the civilians go to a point about 50 yards from the barn and wait. the zombie before the game starts takes 3 guns with flashlights and weighted backpacks with glow rings on them (crazy ironic that you use them to) and places them throughout the barn (not necessarily hidden) then sets of a sound to signal the game has started. We use an air raid siren playing on loop (10 minutes of silence, then siren goes off again) on an mp3 player. You will know why it loops later.

When the siren goes off, the zombie must go to his respawn point (usually 50 yards outside the barn oppisate the human spawn) and the humans all run to the barn to find weapons as soon as the siren sounds. Chaos insues. If the zombie is shot he goes to his respawn point and comes back. If someone is taged by the zombie, they are "infected" and as the next siren starts to wind down, they must turn undead. Now remember that an infected human does not have to say if he is infected, but can deny it and turn then tag everyone he can before being shot.

Once anyone dies, by being shot, they go respawn as a zombie and the horde grows.

Humans lucky enough to find guns should protect unarmed civilians to reduce the number of zombies, but doesnt have to.

We use the glow rings a little differently than your game, if an armed civilian gets the glowring pulled off of his back by anyone (including humans) he becomes instantly infected and drops his gear then starts taging people.

In the end, everyone dies, but thats part of the whole zombie appocalypse mistique dont you think?

So that humans dont just hide, or imitate zombies to live, they could use glowsticks to if you want.

Remember, anything goes so armed civilians can when infected start shooting everyone, unarmed civilians can pull glow rings, anything can happen.

This sounds complicated but that adds to the suspense of the whole thing, You dont know who to trust, you dont know if a mercs going to freak out and start killing everyone, you dont know where the zombie is at, and especially unarmed civilians freak out and spew vulgarities the whole time. EXTREMELY INTENSE GAME.

Kuraitenshi September 4th, 2006 19:44

That definitly soundslike fun

skewed October 13th, 2006 12:28

So, as we get closer and closer to Halloween, I was kinda hoping a zombie game would pop up again. I suppose if it's not posted by now, there's nothing in the works? Shame, this really looked like fun. ^_^;
Did anyone have any other horror themed game scenarios planned?

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