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localfreerider July 13th, 2016 23:10

I think you made John Moses Browning shed a tear from beyond the grave.
Looks good for the heresy it is...

e-luder July 16th, 2016 21:03

Damn that Mr. Browning.
So hard to please even in death.

I used my Grade 7 clear plastic ruler and everything. It's accurate to about 1mm :0:0:0:0:0
...and i measured once and cut twice.


herp to the derp....

Sputmilk July 18th, 2016 12:13

Behold, heresy

R.I.T.Z July 18th, 2016 13:05

Originally Posted by Sputmilk (Post 1985071)

T-Hell July 19th, 2016 22:46


Originally Posted by localfreerider (Post 1947914)
Once again not airsoft but I really like it for some reason

Oh my God I just puked in my mouth, shit my pants and pissed myself
so so so SO WRONG !!!!!!!! #F'NWrong

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