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ExTERmINATION February 18th, 2008 17:36

IBH Helmets
Hiya fellas, I've seen these IBH helmets mentioned everywhere here in the Airsoft community so I just want to know from anyone who has experience with these helmets, how good are they? and are they worth buying?

I've been looking to get some new gear for the summer and a new helmet is a must, if someone can possibly just stop by here leave some info about these IBH helmets I'd be greatful, maybe a few links to some retailers who do sell them. Thanks alot and thanks if you can help out!


Kutter February 18th, 2008 17:50

PM Huang if you want an IBH helmet. He's got a really good selection and the prices are really good.
btw, check out his other posts. You can kit yourself up pretty well from him.;)

Yuxi February 18th, 2008 18:03

Not precisely what you want, but here is a good thread on IBH.

In short, unless you are a real ogre, the replica IBH's are good enough for airsofting.

Phil_Black February 18th, 2008 19:55

Ihave one.

And i love it ! One thing that i did not like on my older helmet (PASGT) is the earing.

With this one there is no difference between playing with a bonnie or the IBH.

I dont find that it's very hot and i dont have any issue with my goggle.

It's a great buy.

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