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Psycho softer December 28th, 2005 16:30

ok i got a FAMAS airsoftgun it's a kick ass gun but it will only load the bb's when i put it up side down even then it still mess's up i took it back and the other one did the same any one know why it does this :banghead:

DanQuayle December 28th, 2005 16:54

What type of mag do you use? hicap/locap

Bob the Angry Potato December 28th, 2005 16:58

He's talking about a springer FA-MAS he bought at his local surplus store... I already PM'ed him about it, but I can't help him with that.

DanQuayle December 28th, 2005 17:01

New advice: check out AEG's. They are worth it.

Psycho softer December 28th, 2005 17:02

all i have is around 300$

Janus December 28th, 2005 17:03

Save up for the AEG. It's worth it. The TM FAMAS F1 or SV is a workhorse.

Psycho softer December 28th, 2005 17:06

is there any place that has them without this orange tip

The Saint December 28th, 2005 17:37

He's also only 14.

Greylocks December 28th, 2005 17:42

Wait four years and gather your cash, then buy an AEG.

DanQuayle December 28th, 2005 17:57

Is Oakville in Canada? If it's in the U.S. you can get an AEG and as long as you only use it at designated airsoft fields you'll stay legal. If it's in Canada, listen to Greylocks.

Oh, and if you get the SV AEG, don't walk backwards with it. I would know.

Bob the Angry Potato December 28th, 2005 17:58

Oakville's in Ontario, I'm there now.
He got his stuff at a local Army-Navy surplus store, which carries cheap springers and LPEGs.

Psycho softer December 28th, 2005 18:39

dont walk backwards with it?

DanQuayle December 28th, 2005 18:47

Bob would know as well. First time I played airsoft I was walking backwards with my
SV as it was a patrol mission, bam I trip into a foxhole and break the magcatch.

Psycho softer December 28th, 2005 19:01

so the is the F1 better

gamer123 December 28th, 2005 19:45

Personally, I like F1 better because the trigger guard does not look "laser-gunish". Moreover, it comes with bipod. So even though F1 is older model, I like it.

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