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Ballcancer March 24th, 2010 02:04

2 Attachment(s)
Frst rig I have put together.. id say it turned out alright.. works perfectly for me ...all I need to ad is a hyrdration pouch for a bladder and and a small puch for my radio and im set. Suggestions? (be nice:D)

Vince March 24th, 2010 21:25

After some arguing with customs over their stupidity I finally got this!

AI mjk 2 x 2 M4
MLCS smoke gr. pouch
Vegas made EI MBITR pouch (flap model, flap cutted out)

Nothing on the back yet, looking for an OD MAP

And please excuse the not much thought out layout on the front, I'm currently like a kid on christmas day...

Ballcancer March 24th, 2010 21:53


Originally Posted by Vince S (Post 1194339)
After some arguing with customs over their stupidity I finally got this!

AI mjk 2 x 2 M4
MLCS smoke gr. pouch
Vegas made EI MBITR pouch (flap model, flap cutted out)

Nothing on the back yet, looking for an OD MAP

And please excuse the not much thought out layout on the front, I'm currently like a kid on christmas day...

What excuses were customs trying to give you.. nice load out too nice and light.

Brakoo March 25th, 2010 10:44

Here is my EI Ciras :

EI Land Ciras
AI FSBE admin with flashlight
EI Triple mag shingle
EI FSBE grenade pouch
EI .45 FB pouch x 2
EI FSBE M4 mag pouch x 3
EI Large GP pouch
EI MBITR pouch
EI hydration carrier
CSM NAC sling

PaCHeKo! March 28th, 2010 14:07

Here's a bit of my gear... not based on a specific unit.

By the way Fox.. It's a Pantac ;)

After a mini break-in, I stopped on the X-Configuration.

Vince March 29th, 2010 18:00

Family picture:

-AI MBSS 2x2
-SLFCS horizontal
-MLCS smoke

-BHI 3 x 2
-BHI 2x frag
-BHI mini util

-FSBE2 frags
-EI ACOG pouch
-FSBE2 2x2 (3x)
-FSBE2 admin panel

Old school SOE Direct Action rig

1st line:
-BHI duty belt
-old school SOE drop leg
-FSBE2 CSM drop pouch
-Safariland 6004

MrEvolution March 31st, 2010 18:54

Vince S: I like how you used your ERDL poncho liner for a backdrop ;)

As promised.

N Company 75th Rangers
1969 Vietnam LRRP STABO Harness.

Left to right:
Compass/First aid pouch
M56 Small arms ammo pouch
M1911A1 Pistol double mag pouch
M56 Canteen pouch
M56 Buttpack
M56 Canteen pouch
M1911A1 Holster (repro)
M56 small arms ammo pouch

Might ditch the pistol things and add two more canteen pouches for more mag/grenade storage.

In time I might get another STABO and run a Korean war era BAR belt through it for a SF/SOG Kit.

Risc_Terilia April 17th, 2010 11:46


Originally Posted by Vince S (Post 1171394)
Little something unusual in the Canadian airsoft scene:

Straight from Helmand with plate LVL3 backers

Snap! (kinda)

Cadpat HSGI Wasatch

MrEvolution April 20th, 2010 20:07

Is that the LBT 9040A Fox?

Heres some of me a few weeks ago at LZ Woodstock.

Lerch April 21st, 2010 00:26

~EI LE Rig
~EI Utility Pouch
~EI Magazine Pouch
~TT Magazine Pouch
~HSGI Grenade Pouch
~TT Hard Case

Fits nicely over my frag vest ;)

Vince April 22nd, 2010 18:27

Did a crusty paintjob on my SOE

Gerkraz April 23rd, 2010 08:38

Mr Evolution LOVES his morale patches!

I'm noticing a lot of you guys tend to center your mag pouches. Personally, I've taken to putting two mags in the center, and then placing the rest on my left. I do this because I always reload with my left hand and having to cross across my chest rig to grab mags is much slower.

It also allows me to keep a clear (ish) right side, making it easier for me to draw my secondary, since nothing interferes with it coming out and up.

This pic was from a sci-fi convention last weekend, so I slapped on my admin pouch and Resident Evil patches. I am on the left. My hat is on backwards because I was taking photos and the cap's brim interfered with my camera's viewfinder.

You can see that my mag pouches are on the left side, except for two mags in the middle and my handgun mag (and asthma inhaler) on the right side.

This is from a game a few weeks ago. You can see I don't run my admin pouch at games. I use a grenade pouch for my tornado, again mounted on the left side so that I can use my reaction hand to get to it.

Spike April 23rd, 2010 17:53

Sold my CIRAS, lol.

Ordered this instead ;)
Pantac MBSS
2x Pantac double m4 shingle pouches
Pantac radio pouch
Pantac shotgun shell pouch
Pantac admin panel
EB hydro pack
EB grenade pouch

Still to get:
PTT headset so I can move my radio pouch to the back
Shotty scabbard :D

NovaKaynE May 10th, 2010 17:40

My current HSGI Warlord Bravo V-4 configuration.

x1 HSGI Warlord Bravo V-4 Platform
x1 HSGI Double Mag Pouch
x1 HSGI Single Mag Pouch
x1 CPGear Compass pouch (will be replaced by CPGear frag pouches)
x2 HSGI Smoke Grenade Pouches
x2 HSGI 2 Qt/C9 Box Pouch
x4 HSGI Frag Pouches (clerical error on my part. I wanted 2 but marked 4, lol)
x1 Ka-Bar

Next on the buy list:
x1 HSGI Medical Blowout Pouch
x2 HSGI Mini Utility Pouches

Overall assessment:

I was hesitant to commit to a rig I could use for whatever occasion. It was either the HSGI Warlord, Eagle Industries RRV, or the Eagle Industries Plate Carrier. The selling feature: EI doesn't come in CADPAT. I was also worried about the quality of the straps and harness but when I got one in my hands I realized how well put together it was. It also has a lifetime warranty so i'm happy about that. I intend to break it at least once in the future.

I was gonna buy the static version to save money on mag pouches, but that would mean I couldn't have 100% modularity. I'm really glad I went with the V4 instead of the V3. I can still carry the basic 10 mag loadout (9 mags in the pouches, 1 in the weapon) and have my frags right where I need them on my dominant side.

The admin panel isn't really all that great. It's cool and handy and all but sometimes a pain in the ass. The zipper is a bitch to do up sometimes. Its good for its intended purpose. You don't have to worry about your shit getting scattered all over the place with the stow away compartments inside.

The inside of the rig is pretty cool too. The zippers on the sides zip open and the entire inner portion of the vest is hollow. Other than plates, you can put whatever you want in there. Stuff that you wouldn't put in your modular pouches. You could prolly even put a foam insert in it to save your ribs from bruising in the prone position.

To sum it up, I like it. I have the hydration panel but to me it's useless. Not secure enough to the rig for my liking. I'd rather roll with my EI 3-Day Pack.

After though: The mag pouches didn't come with the velcro. I put that on myself and sewed a velcro strip on the top row of PALS webbing for my nametape.

J-Man19 May 19th, 2010 23:13

Newest rig.

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