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the-claw May 10th, 2009 09:20


Loathing May 16th, 2009 19:47

Just finished my CF Cadpat rig, armor carrier and tav vest combo. Have a bush hat and BDU's to go along with it, also a leg mounted mag drop pouch, just not shown in the pictures. Still looking to pick up a set of knee/elbow pads in cadpat, or in OD if they don't have them at the surplus store anymore.

Flak vest/plate carrier.

Tac vest over top the plate carrier. (look's faded because of the flash)

Going to work on getting a ACU rig at some point, followed by either a multicam or OD/multicam rig.

Lerch May 24th, 2009 15:15

Picked up my frag vest at supply last week.

And sorted it all out for the field.

wey ferro May 27th, 2009 15:36


Originally Posted by -MikeL- (Post 993642)
Nice set up Is this the same chest rig you used for that rig?

NO, it was this one
once upon a very long ago.
you can see the mods here better:

MrEvolution June 3rd, 2009 18:14

3-Desert shingles will be replaced with CB Pouches with over the top flaps when back in stock.

FOX_111 June 3rd, 2009 18:32

Way Ferro, what kind of ballistic vest is in your pic?
I find it better looking than the * la mode Paca vest.

Felipe June 4th, 2009 11:50

Hi all!!

friend of mine's RAV and my SOHPC:

Shirley June 6th, 2009 00:11

My SEALs kit.

Vince August 23rd, 2009 20:36

My current rigs

real paca in CB

TAG RRV loaded with issue FSBE2 pouch

TAG Riflemen chest rig

This is what I actually use for airsoft rather than my collection

Vince August 23rd, 2009 23:27

Sporting it like this gentleman :D

But in all honesty I have nothing to put there, also the TAG version can't carry plates so there's really no use for me.

Overkill1369 August 30th, 2009 17:37

-Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest
-Tactical Assault Gear Admin Panel
-ICOM HM46L Remote Speaker Microphone
-Eagle Rhodesian Rear Plate Carrier
-Blackhawk HydraStorm Carrier w/100 oz CamelPak Bladder
-Diamondback Tactical Fast Attack Rack w/ LTA-3A Armor
-Full Clip USA Speed Dump Pouch
-Specter Gear MOLLE / PALS Compatible Single Modular Magazine Pouch (X2)
-Omega Pacific ISO Cold Forged “D” Carabineers (X2), -ICOM F21 GMRS/FRS Radio
-Maxpedition Radio Pouch
-SPEC-OPS Brand X-3 magazine pouches (X4)
-Tactical Assault Gear Vertical General Purpose Utility Pouch

wey ferro August 31st, 2009 16:45

LBT AOR2 DIGI3 1961a

mjk mbss
paraclete cummerbund added
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster
bhi single point sling
msa ptt
15 inch IR glowstick haha
warining: sus ass mbitr sitting to fill out the pouch.

paraclete rav
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster

its an early gen they had that extra fabric like that. ive seen a few of those around

-eagle universal chest rig heavily modded with molle
-3x eagle FSBE2 m4
-eagle frag
-eagle padded sat/acog pouch
-allied industries FSBE2 MBITR

eagle industries devgru test armor carrier

paraclete hpc
mlcs double m4
allied mlcs mbitr

Eagle industries Chest Pouch .223, early gen black hardware

LBT first gen 1961a

firstgen LBT 1961a navy seal modded

Allied light tan MBSS
allied fsbe2 mbitr
eagle fsbe2 m4

pointblank fsbe with armor recon used

paraclete small rav trico

allied MBSS seal modded with two backs

old school soe direct action chest rig OD

old school soe direct action chest rig khaki

HSGI or PPM prototype PC

Armorsmith SPC

early gen prototype fsbe plate carrier rack
mlcs black zipper utility
mlcs m60
mlcs m4 x2
sflcs 9mm fb x2
sflcs mbitr
mlcs frag x2

pointblank FSBE with armor

HSGI denali

-fedtex ranger rack
-ELCS canteen
-ELCS m4
-SDS ifak
-2X fedtex m4

Lerch September 21st, 2009 20:45

Got a new chest rig to get me going again...I like :)

MrEvolution October 26th, 2009 19:16

Blackhawk RRV, SDS Mag Pouches (until I get some CB ones), 5.11 Pistol Pouches, Flyye Medic Pouch, I forget the admin's brand.

Sergeantmajor October 29th, 2009 21:06

ATS M4 Modular Chest Rig Harness
4x ATS single mag shingle
ATS pistol mag pouch w/ Gerber multitool something something
BFG booboo pouch, spare ear plugs, plasters, hand sanitizer (very important to fight H1N1!)
Rambo III on VHS! didn't have first blood close by so had to do with this one.
Support the troops pin

Great vest at a great price, at first the mag pouches to the sides were pretty tight and got even tighter when I put the mag shingles, but after running it a while it got better. Everything is snug and draws nicely.

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