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Yuxi May 15th, 2008 12:55

Second Line Kit Gallery - Chestrig/Armor/Webbing, etc
Post up pictures of your main rig, whatever it may be.

Yuxi May 15th, 2008 12:58

Pantac CIRAS: Camelbak MUEL, Pantac copy of the LBT 1961A rig, and Motorola Saber I

London Bridge Trading 1195 Riverine, in Woodland.

White_knight May 15th, 2008 18:45

heres my newest one taken from another thread.

HSGI Wasatch in cadpat ar

(mines on the left, mr.evolution's is on the right)

heres what the back looks like with my pt armor

FOX_111 May 15th, 2008 18:52

My custom plate carrier. On the OD side with G36 compatible mag pouches.

Same vest, in Black configuration.
Sorry for the bad pic, it's the only one I got ready.

Nervikaire May 15th, 2008 19:01

Paraclete HPC w/cummerbund

DBT short shingles X4
DBT regular shingles X2 (replaced with TT shingles now)
TAG Hydration carrier on the back

Lightweight, still has room for other stuff if needs be. (might get an MP5 soon so... :D )

The rest of the stuff is on my first line (radio, GP pouch, other mags) so I can ditch the 2nd if needs be.

-Per- May 15th, 2008 19:28

Second line

RG - TAG Chest Rig
RG - TAG M16 mags six pack
RG - TAG Smoke pouch
RG - ATS Triple Mag Shingle
OD - HSGI quad Pistol Mag Pouch
CB - Pantac back panel
CB - Pantac M60 pouch

RiteOff May 26th, 2008 10:44

Maritime Ciras. Re configed again

towellie May 30th, 2008 14:32


FOX_111 May 30th, 2008 15:40

What's under my ghillie suit.
Old canadian webbing to carry all the shit and giggles + molle pannel that fit under both arms to carry my new MK23 + 2 mags and other gadjets.

Cheesevillage May 30th, 2008 16:24

Ghillie973 May 30th, 2008 16:31

MrEvolution June 2nd, 2008 21:05

Night Photo. My gear is a Work In Progress. I Use the SAW Pouch as a dump pouch at the moment.

Motaal June 2nd, 2008 21:28

Still Wicked Non the Less.

Crunchmeister June 2nd, 2008 22:29

Only have pics with myself wearing the stuff...

Nothing too special overall. It's a cheap CADPAT M4 tac vest I got from ArmyIssue. I have a belt attached to its loops with my CADPAT drop-leg holster and CADPAT drop-leg dump pouch. Have a CADPAT hydration system I'm working on mounting on the back of the vest.

I've gamed it once so far and it's comfortable and does what it's supposed to, so I guess that's a good thing. I can carry 12 M4 mags or 6 AK mags - more than enough, I would say.

Bob the Angry Potato June 2nd, 2008 22:31

Genuine HSGI Wasatch in CADPAT. Just got an arseload of mag pouches, but made the mistake of not getting MALICE clips.

H-G June 4th, 2008 14:11
London Bridge 1961 Chest Harness with SAPI
MSA Paraclete Plate Carrier
Ceradyne BALCS
Safariland ELCS
PACA SPR concealable carrier

Vince June 12th, 2008 19:23

So these are only the 3 kits I use these days.


5x SDS double M16 pouches
1x Blackhawk MBTIR radio pouch
1x 100rnd SAW pouch
2x SDS canteen pouches (desert on is used as a GP pouch)
1x Alice canteen cover
1x unknown CB 40mm grenade pouch

2- Aussie issue DPCU webbing

2x Steyr pouch
3x Minimi pouch
2x canteen cover
1x compass pouch

3- SAAV Aussie modified

Bought from a digger back from Oruzgan. SAAV are usually nutria brown, this onw has been given a DPDU cam job. I attached a camelback.

I also have the following:

-Point BLank Ind. woodland IBA
-Point Blank Ind. CB EOTV
-Repros BALC armor w/ 3x TT WL ammo pouch up front
-70's-80's genuine SAS belt kit
-70's-80's P58 Para belt kit

Sterling June 12th, 2008 20:01

My ACU Ranger Rack

Vince July 5th, 2008 19:20

-Blackwater I/O PC
-Blackhawk twin M4 pouch
-Blackhawk canteen pouch
-Blackhawk mini admin pouch
-Blackhawk MBITR radio pouch
-unknown brand small CB pouch

BeAcH July 12th, 2008 00:57

4 Attachment(s)
OD plate carrier
-5 M4 mag pouch
-1 Pistol mag pouch
-1 Command pouch
-1 Radio pouch

OD waist belt
-5 M4 mag pouch
-1 Large dump pouch

Two OD knee pads and Elbow pads, One OD thigh holster, A OD drag bag that carries both of my rifles, and has various molle style pouches on the one side.

NovaKaynE July 12th, 2008 01:50

Woodland gear:



Desert gear:


Yannos July 12th, 2008 01:59

Can i ask you a question? How do you open your CIRAS when you have plenty of pouch in the opening place ? lol

Nice setup too.

Gunk July 12th, 2008 02:00

Yeah, that's a shit ton of pouches...

Do you actually use them all? Or they mostly just there?

SnipersVenom July 12th, 2008 12:43

lol k so im not the only one wondering that question to. i am interested, my issued tac vest doesnt even have that much in it.

NovaKaynE July 13th, 2008 14:17

I assume you mean the front velcro closure? I just empty the mag pouches, tuck the velcro panel under my chin and presto. For me, getting into the land version is easier than getting into the maritime version.

Depending on the circumstances and scenario of the game, I choose my vests. I usually just tuck my gloves and some other random cloth gear in the frag pouches. That EMT pouch just has basic supplies and I carry it all the time...given the nature of our sport.

The hydration pack has, tada, my water resevoir, lol. The large pocket holds my rain gear, the small pocket usually holds my extra battery. I'll sometimes pack a few snacks in the hydration pack.

So yeah...I basically use everything on that vest. It's not very heavy at all when it's all loaded up. To me at least...I like the punishment.

P.S. I sometimes carry tennis balls in my frag pouches to throw around to act as "grenades" lol. I just like having everything i'll need during a game, readily available to me without having to run back to my car in the middle of the game.

Ace of Spades© July 13th, 2008 14:32

As seen in the CADPAT thread. She's going down to the US in a few days.

Custom Esstac PMB with padded harness and sleeve kit
4 TT triple mag pouches
CP Gear IFAK pouch
CP Gear Zippered GP pouch
CP Gear Modular Hydration Pouch
Sexy home made padded back strap

SnipersVenom July 13th, 2008 16:52

yeah nova true i get ya now, im just used to carrying a pack around with me comin from a recce unit i like being as light as possible.

NovaKaynE July 13th, 2008 17:29

Yeah, the CIRAS rig is for games I think I may need said items and don't have enough pouches for said items on my other rig. The RRV is my recce rig. Light to fight right.

SnipersVenom July 13th, 2008 17:45

lol yupp, heres pics of my stuff so far work in progress as you say.

NovaKaynE July 13th, 2008 18:35

Nice rig man.

Vince July 13th, 2008 19:16

PBI IBA in arpat w/ collar and throat protector

-Blackhawk utility pouch
-2x Spec Ops double M4 mags (these have been in Iraq)
-2x generic repros pouches (came with the vest when I bought, prolly gonna replace all ammo pouches by SDS soon)
-1x SDS frag pouch

I also have a pair of ESBI coming for this vest, I just need the cock protector to complete it.

Desmodus July 13th, 2008 21:21

Phantom CMS-PC:

Showing off the "Fail-Plates"

and finally... my old-ass SAAV:

Brakoo July 23rd, 2008 17:42

Being on vacation will make you take stupid pics but hey at least it shows my second line.

Eagle Land Ciras in CB :
-Eagle Double M4 mag pouch x 2
-Eagle 2x4 pouch for .45
-Eagle 40mm grenade pouch x 2
-Eagle medic pouch
-Eagle MLCS radio pouch
-Eagle MLCS hydration carrier
-Eagle admin pouch with flashlight pouch

I have an assortment of other CB pouch for whenever I can get my hands on a damn RRV in CB.

PS : The pic's concept is obviously Seals on vacation fresh out of the shower.

KND July 29th, 2008 14:04

Here is my vest, Custom shotgun back holster and hydration by Knyte

Cheers !

Vince July 31st, 2008 12:41

PBI Trial EOTV in CB. These were trialled along with the Spartan I and II before the MTV was issued.

-5x SDS double M4 pouches
-1x SDS canteen pouch
-1x 100rnd SAW pouch
-G&P dump pouch

(not shown in this pic)
-Blackhawk MBTIR radio pouch
-Camelback in CB (don't know the model though)

Vince August 7th, 2008 19:06

My last build, Blackhawk RCH (copy of the Eagle RRV)

Thanks to Groombug for the help building this.

from left to right:

-BHI Canteen pouch
-BHI triple mag pouch
-BHI MBTIR radio pouch
-Eagle single mag pouch
-SOE double frag pouch

On the bib:
-unknown brand CB pouch
-BHI mini admin pouch

ex August 7th, 2008 19:51

Here's my favorite rig. It's uber comfortable and has tonnes of room. This is my current configuration as a SAW gunner.

Kit List

Pantac RRV
Pantac IFAK
Blackwater Gear Molle Sheath with SOG Seal Pup
Pantac double mag pouch
Pantac Saw Pouch
Pantac Smoke Grenade Pouch
Pantac Admin Pouch
Pantac MBSS Back Panel
Fake Strike Plates X2 (Custom Made to actual weight etc)
Saber I with Devgru Frogman

Sergeantmajor August 13th, 2008 21:32

This is pretty basic, assembled it a long time ago, back when i played "army" or "guns" or what ever everyone called it. its pretty much been sitting around my room for ever. bought the holster not too long ago. its not quite complete but meh. I was bored and decided to take a photograph of it.

its still missing a few items, compas pouch, ammo pouch, little first aid kit.

lol. post 666/ so random, couldnt care less...:D

Lerch August 24th, 2008 04:34

My tacvest during BMQ (hated the butt-pack location);

My PLCE last time I had it (4+ months ago);

I've also got a HSGI Warlord that I'm building up right now...I'll get some shots of it whenever I can finish it.

Phil_Black September 1st, 2008 00:09

Here's my rigg.

Mainly based of what the Colonel is wearing in Over There. When they are looking for thoses stigners.

AngelusNex September 1st, 2008 21:35

Old vest (sold it) no good pictures of my current rig (at least without it being on a giant stuffed bunny)

Vince September 4th, 2008 19:26

Bought another IBA (yep ANOTHER) in CB (the old model this time).

Not used much for airsoft but for collection purpose (like most of my gear)

-2x issued Eagle double M4 pouches
-2x SDS grenade pouches
-1x Blackhawk canteen pouch
-1x Blackhawk MBTIR radio pouch

Lerch September 8th, 2008 21:15


Lakonian September 8th, 2008 21:27

Yepp.. HSGI Weesatch with all the fixings.

I'm not done by a longshot... I still need an assault pack, a frew frag pouches, and a "rolly-polly" dump... Not to mention a BHI Serpa..

Brakoo September 9th, 2008 14:35

Most recent rig :

Eagle RRV with back panel in CB with replica SAPI plates
Eagle MBITR radio pouch in CB
Eagle M4 mag pouch in CB x 4
Eagle 40mm grenade pouch in CB x 3
Eagle Medic pouch in CB
Eagle admin panel with flashlight in CB

KNIVEZS September 12th, 2008 18:38

just receive my IBA in woodland
the vest comes with soft armor inside so its very heavy:D

attack-beaver September 15th, 2008 01:36


Originally Posted by ex-royal (Post 788537)
Here's my favorite rig. It's uber comfortable and has tonnes of room. This is my current configuration as a SAW gunner.

Kit List

Pantac RRV
Pantac IFAK
Blackwater Gear Molle Sheath with SOG Seal Pup
Pantac double mag pouch
Pantac Saw Pouch
Pantac Smoke Grenade Pouch
Pantac Admin Pouch
Pantac MBSS Back Panel
Fake Strike Plates X2 (Custom Made to actual weight etc)
Saber I with Devgru Frogman

ex-royal hows the quality of that pantac RRV and back plate?

Shirley September 18th, 2008 23:18

Weird coloured earth?
Seals LBV.

Jimski September 19th, 2008 13:11

my stuff minus the goggles and boots.
these gloves are very good.

TRE dump pouch.

SlowEddy October 4th, 2008 16:10

Just arrived today - EbayBanned Replica RRV with 100oz hawg & dummy strike plate.

warbird October 5th, 2008 16:26

Sorry for the bad quality, my dc is broken.

Vince October 11th, 2008 20:08

my latest build:

SO Tech BLoCs Gen1 plate carrier

I tried to saty away from the cool Khaki stuff and I'm very pleased with the result.

-BHI PRC112 pouch
-BHI triple mag pouch
-BHI mini utility pouch

I'm now considering wether or not put a MAP on that thing

KNIVEZS October 14th, 2008 02:51

another IBA

-point blank Ind.

Bob the Angry Potato October 31st, 2008 01:41

Went a little overkill with the pouches.

Vest is a TAG hard plate carrier with Condor multicam pouches, with a Pantac blast belt. CB pouches are all Phantom.

KND November 2nd, 2008 13:30

Diabolic Tyrant November 3rd, 2008 22:48

Not much just yet but this is my main piece so far a standard Tactical Load Bearing Vest, along with full woodland camo BDUs. And a nice Desert Storm canteen. Its very comfortable :P

Vince November 28th, 2008 10:32

You can call me the IBA Man. Don't know why I "kinda" like that vest :D

Still uncomplete as I need throat/collart assembly and groin for most of them, I also may get some side SAPIs for the CB one soon.

These are collectible only, I seldomly use them for AS (they all been in hot sandy places)

And my latest build (yes I build and sell rig once a month LOL)

TAG plate carrier with Eagle and BHI pouches.

wey ferro December 6th, 2008 01:57

old school SOE direct action frog rig

FUK.NUT January 5th, 2009 03:27

I use the Old school Canadian Web gear but with american sholder straps cant find the Canadian ones.

damage January 25th, 2009 19:42

Multicam RRV

Mist3r.B January 25th, 2009 19:46

My m-14 rig

Phil_Black January 26th, 2009 00:11

First and second line (rig)
SKD Eagle all molle version

Mist3r.B January 31st, 2009 15:00

My Ar/Mp-5 vest. Mostly phantom/Pantac. Upgraded trough the years. Installed a gun strap with an easy release strap in the back for my shotie.

oneillciv February 1st, 2009 15:56

Sweet MySpace style pic!:

Everything Packs Away Neatly:

Axe February 22nd, 2009 22:32

Rig #1

Rig #2

Love February 26th, 2009 19:07

I need to buy a new camera.


My flectarn chestrig. Got it for $35.

MADDOG March 24th, 2009 18:01

Main Coyote Rigs
2 Attachment(s)
1) Modified Blackhawk H-Harness (Long range rig)

2) Replica Eagle Chest Rig with Blackhawk MBSS plate carrier (Direct Action rig)

Bits and pieces from everywhere, some real, some not.
Paraclete, Eagle, Blackhawk, Pantac whatever works!

Groombug March 24th, 2009 21:03

Already rehashed here.

CIRAS Loadout - Airsoft Canada

Your first line kit are the bare essentials that will see you through to fight another day. This usually includes your pistol, magazines for rifle and pistol, E&E kit, some water and sustainment food, and the like. Smoke grenade, knife, multi-tool, signaling device and FAK are probably good ideas too.

Your second line kit is the rig that brings the immediate noise. It will consist of everything you require to complete a task at hand (unless you require specialized equipment, like breaching tools) and execute the fight without being overly cumbersome. Usually this will consist of some sort of chest rig or vest, holding ammo and munitions, a high-powered communication device, and greater quantities of other sustainment items like food and water. A blow-out kit and other mission tools, like GPS and NOD, should also be on this line.

Your third line will consist of everything not immediately necessary for your survival (mission notwithstanding). Think of it as your treasure trove to sustain an indefinite fight. This includes even more ammo, usually loose rounds and loaded magazines, overnight kit, extra clothing items, advanced medical support (if you have that role), water and purification items, other communication devices, and other interesting things you may require during your mission but don't expect to immediately use.

SnipersVenom March 29th, 2009 10:26

heres an update of my stuff i know the pouches dont match lol but it doesnt bother me none if anything it breaks up the colors so im not wearing a huge tan rig on me, all im missing is my smoke grenade pouches on the front and i think im set.

Roughneck561 April 8th, 2009 19:39


Up next Eagle Land CIRAS

AngelusNex April 9th, 2009 21:52

From left to right:
Top: 2x 203 shell pouch(multicam)
Bottom: Saw pouch/kit pouch(khaki), 3 panel double mag pouches(khaki), 3 panel open top single mag pouches (behind, multicam), Med pouch(cadpat), single pistol mag pouch(on top of med pouch, multicam) and single panel double mag pouch (khaki)

Everything has been VERY customized to fit me PERFECTLY, believe it or not, my head fits through that tiny hole (tight squeeze). I'm about 5'5" and skinny as hell so it took forever for me to get the rig to fit just right.

Lerch April 13th, 2009 18:09

Point_Man April 21st, 2009 22:35

3 Attachment(s)
Tactical Tailor plate carrier with side upgrade and various pouches. The right shoulder/upper arm piece is a CTOMS thigh rig that I adapted as a molle brassard.

Vince April 22nd, 2009 07:34

Bloody fucking hell.... Can you even move in that?

As for myself I just got a COP vest. Ebay pic for the mo

Going to modify the shit out of it if I can ever find me someone with an industrial sewing machine.

swatt13 April 25th, 2009 01:58

here are some uniqe photos of my rig. i havent bothered to take some on the floor spreadouts

eagle pc w/ cb. ciras up armour (collar, neck, shoulder/ deltoids)
huang serpa
hsgi triple pistol pouch
cleric shingles
seals frag (for radio)
eagle map
huang blast belt (real cp run)
maxpedition rolly (left and right)
seals medic (rear)

the-claw May 10th, 2009 09:20


Loathing May 16th, 2009 19:47

Just finished my CF Cadpat rig, armor carrier and tav vest combo. Have a bush hat and BDU's to go along with it, also a leg mounted mag drop pouch, just not shown in the pictures. Still looking to pick up a set of knee/elbow pads in cadpat, or in OD if they don't have them at the surplus store anymore.

Flak vest/plate carrier.

Tac vest over top the plate carrier. (look's faded because of the flash)

Going to work on getting a ACU rig at some point, followed by either a multicam or OD/multicam rig.

Lerch May 24th, 2009 15:15

Picked up my frag vest at supply last week.

And sorted it all out for the field.

wey ferro May 27th, 2009 15:36


Originally Posted by -MikeL- (Post 993642)
Nice set up Is this the same chest rig you used for that rig?

NO, it was this one
once upon a very long ago.
you can see the mods here better:

MrEvolution June 3rd, 2009 18:14

3-Desert shingles will be replaced with CB Pouches with over the top flaps when back in stock.

FOX_111 June 3rd, 2009 18:32

Way Ferro, what kind of ballistic vest is in your pic?
I find it better looking than the * la mode Paca vest.

Felipe June 4th, 2009 11:50

Hi all!!

friend of mine's RAV and my SOHPC:

Shirley June 6th, 2009 00:11

My SEALs kit.

Vince August 23rd, 2009 20:36

My current rigs

real paca in CB

TAG RRV loaded with issue FSBE2 pouch

TAG Riflemen chest rig

This is what I actually use for airsoft rather than my collection

Vince August 23rd, 2009 23:27

Sporting it like this gentleman :D

But in all honesty I have nothing to put there, also the TAG version can't carry plates so there's really no use for me.

Overkill1369 August 30th, 2009 17:37

-Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest
-Tactical Assault Gear Admin Panel
-ICOM HM46L Remote Speaker Microphone
-Eagle Rhodesian Rear Plate Carrier
-Blackhawk HydraStorm Carrier w/100 oz CamelPak Bladder
-Diamondback Tactical Fast Attack Rack w/ LTA-3A Armor
-Full Clip USA Speed Dump Pouch
-Specter Gear MOLLE / PALS Compatible Single Modular Magazine Pouch (X2)
-Omega Pacific ISO Cold Forged “D” Carabineers (X2), -ICOM F21 GMRS/FRS Radio
-Maxpedition Radio Pouch
-SPEC-OPS Brand X-3 magazine pouches (X4)
-Tactical Assault Gear Vertical General Purpose Utility Pouch

wey ferro August 31st, 2009 16:45

LBT AOR2 DIGI3 1961a

mjk mbss
paraclete cummerbund added
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster
bhi single point sling
msa ptt
15 inch IR glowstick haha
warining: sus ass mbitr sitting to fill out the pouch.

paraclete rav
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster

its an early gen they had that extra fabric like that. ive seen a few of those around

-eagle universal chest rig heavily modded with molle
-3x eagle FSBE2 m4
-eagle frag
-eagle padded sat/acog pouch
-allied industries FSBE2 MBITR

eagle industries devgru test armor carrier

paraclete hpc
mlcs double m4
allied mlcs mbitr

Eagle industries Chest Pouch .223, early gen black hardware

LBT first gen 1961a

firstgen LBT 1961a navy seal modded

Allied light tan MBSS
allied fsbe2 mbitr
eagle fsbe2 m4

pointblank fsbe with armor recon used

paraclete small rav trico

allied MBSS seal modded with two backs

old school soe direct action chest rig OD

old school soe direct action chest rig khaki

HSGI or PPM prototype PC

Armorsmith SPC

early gen prototype fsbe plate carrier rack
mlcs black zipper utility
mlcs m60
mlcs m4 x2
sflcs 9mm fb x2
sflcs mbitr
mlcs frag x2

pointblank FSBE with armor

HSGI denali

-fedtex ranger rack
-ELCS canteen
-ELCS m4
-SDS ifak
-2X fedtex m4

Lerch September 21st, 2009 20:45

Got a new chest rig to get me going again...I like :)

MrEvolution October 26th, 2009 19:16

Blackhawk RRV, SDS Mag Pouches (until I get some CB ones), 5.11 Pistol Pouches, Flyye Medic Pouch, I forget the admin's brand.

Sergeantmajor October 29th, 2009 21:06

ATS M4 Modular Chest Rig Harness
4x ATS single mag shingle
ATS pistol mag pouch w/ Gerber multitool something something
BFG booboo pouch, spare ear plugs, plasters, hand sanitizer (very important to fight H1N1!)
Rambo III on VHS! didn't have first blood close by so had to do with this one.
Support the troops pin

Great vest at a great price, at first the mag pouches to the sides were pretty tight and got even tighter when I put the mag shingles, but after running it a while it got better. Everything is snug and draws nicely.

Overkill1369 October 31st, 2009 14:23

First, the gear:

1st Line:
Tactical Assault Gear Padded Belt, Maxpedition Mega Rollie Polly dump pouch, Serpa Drop Leg Holster (M9), Replica M9 Bayonet

2nd Line:
Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest,Tactical Assault Gear Admin Panel, ICOM HM46L Remote Speaker Microphone, Eagle Rhodesian Rear Plate Carrier, Blackhawk HydraStorm Carrier w/100 oz CamelPak Bladder, Diamondback Tactical Fast Attack Rack w/ LTA-3A Armor, Specter Gear MOLLE / PALS Compatible Single Modular Magazine Pouch (X2), Omega Pacific ISO Cold Forged “D” Carabineers (X2), ICOM F21 GMRS/FRS Radio, Maxpedition Radio Pouch, SPEC-OPS Brand X-3 magazine pouches (X4), Tactical Assault Gear Vertical General Purpose Utility Pouch, and SAPI Plates.

Marine light weight helmet, improved helmet harness, Steamlight helmet light, and NVG Mount

Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses
Wiley X TAG-1 gloves with injection molded knuckles

Now, me in the gear:

Magazine placement:

Yes, the knife actually mounts to the AEG:

Ace of Spades© November 13th, 2009 10:58

=) Impression almost complete

British Patter 58 Webbing:
Left and Right Ammo pouches
Two Water Bottle pouches
Kidney Pouches
Poncho Roll pouch

wey ferro December 1st, 2009 02:04

LBT AOR2 DIGI3 1961a (on the way)

paraclete rav
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster

MrEvolution December 1st, 2009 17:21

Double M4 pouches coming soon, was sent the wrong ones again.

Shrapnel[Op-For] December 5th, 2009 20:39

Pantac RRV.

Question for people who have the Serpa style holsters mounted on there chest panels, how do you like it, and how comfortable is the draw?

Schlyder December 5th, 2009 20:47

here is a photo of my CIRRAS maritime vest. One of huang's. I also have a assault pack on the back.

PaCHeKo! December 5th, 2009 20:52


Originally Posted by Shrapnel[Op-For] (Post 1117606)
Question for people who have the Serpa style holsters mounted on there chest panels, how do you like it, and how comfortable is the draw?

I had this setup for few game and I didn't like it at all... I dont know why, it didn't felt good. Now I'm using the space available for a radio in my Weesatch as a holster :

pok799 December 8th, 2009 11:11

Pantac RRV in multicam

wey ferro December 8th, 2009 14:28

mjk mbss
paraclete cummerbund added
sflcs double m4
paraclete double 40mm
paraclete mbitr
g code claw molle holster
bhi single point sling
msa ptt
15 inch IR glowstick haha
warining: sus ass mbitr sitting to fill out the pouch.

Phil_Black December 9th, 2009 22:45

Phantom CIRAS

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