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Desmodus December 5th, 2015 15:02

Russian 6sh104 Assault Pack (28 litres)

Treelinesniper February 14th, 2016 19:47

Got bored a few nights ago and decided to set up a shoot with my camera to f*** around. So I took some pictures of my new Eberstock lodrag pack. Going to use it to carry around my VFC M40a5 gas on the field next season for my USMC scout loadout build I have been working on.

The hazard 4 jelly roll pouch on the side fits a tank of propane perfectly. Most likely wont be there during game play when season time comes though.

Wilkie May 29th, 2016 23:04

Think I'll order an MR ASAP bag as a new day hiking bag. Even with the dollar down its still much cheaper to order from the states than Rampart by the looks of it.

darkshift May 31st, 2016 12:27

I had the same thought Wilkie. I'm actually heading down to the states in June for a while so I'm in the process of finding out if MR will ship an ASAP to my hotel. I'm really hoping they will, otherwise I'll have to pay up the ass to get it shipped into Canada (plus duties).

Wilkie, were you thinking of getting the MC, CB, or foliage colour? I noticed they don't produce a black one anymore.

Wilkie May 31st, 2016 12:50

I'm quite torn on colour, but the CB is likely the route I will go. Multicam is an attractive option, but I'd like to potentially stand out less in a crowd if I happen to be using the pack amongst people or on planes. FG is nice as well though

AnthonyG May 31st, 2016 21:11


Originally Posted by Conker (Post 1465162)
I decided to do a little dismounted (overnight) patrol setup for the fun of it.... Yeah, I'm weird, I find doing this fun... whatever :p

Kelty Falcon 4000
- Issued Tennier Industries Gore-Tex bivvy bag
- Issued Outdoor Research PS150 gloves
- Issued Polartec beanie
- Issued Polartec neck gaiter
- FSBEII mag pouches (x2)
- United-Star blade antenna
- C-A-T (x2)
- Cyalumes (IRx2, red x4, green x4)
- Adventurelights VIP IR Quantum
- FSBEII SOF medicual pouch
- FSBEII dive belt MOLLE adapters (x2)
- EMT shears
- IR flag (fake)
and food, water filter, spare batteries, spare socks and shit like this inside.

Where did you pick up your Falcon 4000? Been on the lookout for one, or the 66 I guess it is now, but I can't seem to find any Canadian Retailers who carry one.

darkshift June 2nd, 2016 20:50

I got too impatient/impulsive. I've got a CB MR ASAP en route to Canada from Montana :P photos and review will be posted soon. Can't wait to travel with it to Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley and hopefully Joshua tree at the end of the month.

Wilkie June 2nd, 2016 21:17

Mystery Ranch doesn't ship to Canada apparently, going to have to set something up at the border

Derpystronk June 3rd, 2016 01:15


Originally Posted by Wilkie (Post 1980864)
Mystery Ranch doesn't ship to Canada apparently, going to have to set something up at the border

You have to use their Canadian Supplier - Rampart International.

Their prices aren't the best in the world, but the supply for the new civilian / hiking / urban packs is actually lower than US Pricing, so if you can live without molle but want in on the Mystery Meme, Rampart has ya.

They have some packs still on clearance so you can get a few things at really low prices, if you aren't too picky about what exactly you end up with.

Wilkie June 3rd, 2016 21:08

I think I'll have to send it to a US address. Unfortunately Rampart only has the single size and pattern

Wilkie June 8th, 2016 17:21

Mystery Ranch straight up won't ship to Border Services if the card is registered to a Canadian address. Might see if Rampart will order in a M/L sized on in Coyote, but at this point I don't really want to pay $500 CAD for a $225 USD pack, even with out shitty dollar.

An odd way to do business. Might just go with a different company.

Edit: Rampart had some M/L Coyote in the back, and the price was more reasonable than the XL Multicam. Packs on it's way.

AnthonyG June 8th, 2016 19:28

Man. It looks like Rampart had some good deals on Mystery Ranch. Too bad they're all gone :(

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Derpystronk June 10th, 2016 12:16


Originally Posted by AnthonyG (Post 1981373)
Man. It looks like Rampart had some good deals on Mystery Ranch. Too bad they're all gone :(

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I'm kinda guilty cause I bought a lot of them and spread the word :rolleyes:

I'm sorry

AnthonyG June 10th, 2016 15:19

Man... now I'll just have to use my bright red osprey for no NODs... oh well, it's not like anyone will be able to see it anyway. :)

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EOD Steve June 10th, 2016 15:49

Except for opfor

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