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Operation Deadfall with NFA Team
One of the best teams Ive played with, to all NFA Units. Survived the Cold, Rain, Mud, and held back the JOTF Forces all night and dat! 24 Hours of awsomeness
"Operation Deadfall"  fearless leader
"Operation Deadfall" the final march
"Operation Deadfall"  team photo
"Operation Deadfall" INJIN
" Operation Deadfall " Team NFA with front center and Injin  to his left.
" Operation Deadfall " NFA team photo, CO tallon in front
" Operation Deadfall " most of the NFA team group pic
" Operation Deadfall " The final seach
" Operation Deadfall " This was the bridge where NFA Troops Fought Valiantly for 3-4 hours holding up the JOTF forces from their invasions. good work...
" Operation Deadfall " The Final Search for a missing Soldier. Dead? Captured? or just lost?
" OP2 " Deadfall, 2' deep 6x6 bunker
"OP front door" Can you see them? 3 JOTF
"OP Front Door" has not moved an inch in hours. waiting for the JOTF Head to pop up
"OP Front Door" 2 second Pop Up Pill box, 4 sided fortress.
"OP Front door" fortified here for 4 hours, 3 kills and 1 death.
"OP Front Door
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