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We play airsoft because we can't afford paintball?



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Old October 23rd, 2009, 20:37   #61
Herr ScheißeLiebhaber
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Location: Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
If you can, name 3 examples of fundamental changes to a hobby/recreation that you were involved in, where that change resulted in money savings for you while still maintaining the same level of enjoyment/participation. I honestly can't think of one.
1. 4130 Chromo frames.
2. 3 Piece cranks.
3. High quality plastic pedals.

Not all changes are bad. But all those things still fit standard sizes so it can't really compare completely to what we're talking about. But close.

I actually really like paintball, it's just waaaay too much money. I mean, the initial cost of airsoft isn't cheap but day to day it's way cheaper.
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Old October 28th, 2009, 01:38   #62
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Thers good arguments to which one is better, As a lot of you posted that there will be the need to purchase a new marker and new gear, Its true you will if you want to shoot those balls, 68 cal will stay so I dont think that there will be a change in markers, I think what they are trying to do is what brass eagle did. Bring it to the masses at a more afforable price.
I played tournaments for over 10 yrs and i can tell you that this(airsoft) is much cheaper and a lot more fun.. I dont have to worry about the next guy wiping off a hit, The Most of us play fair and know that there is another game.
I switched only because of cheaters and that it was too expensive to play paintball. markers for me were a grand and paint for the day was $50- 60
however tournys were 100-120 for a case not to mention gas or airfare and hotels and meals. Ill take airsoft over paintball any day..
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Old October 28th, 2009, 09:04   #63
Ministry of Peace
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Having watched the complete video interview, I'm not surprised by the baseless statements made by this fellow. Although I think we all have to agree that there exists for many people on both sides of the fence (airsoft | paintball) a rabid dislike/hatred which makes it easy to spout off whatever you want when speaking to "your" group and no one will challenge what you say when it follows the party line of "those guys want to be like us, but we make more money, therefor are better than them" etc...

However keep in mind that this fellow is the "front man" for his company, he most likely has other companies who do market research for him, and they are telling him "airsofters all want to play paintball but can't afford it". The fact that he is speaking out of his ass is most likely the result of this erroneous research than any personal grudge he may or may not have against the airsoft community.

I was surprised to find out that he is Canadian, and his company is based out of Montreal - perhaps one of the established game hosts out in that part of the country should extend an invitation to him to attend a large event, so this misconception can be cleared up for him.

It's easy to bitch and moan and keep the "hate" on, instead I say let's let the pballers worry about paintball, and we can get back to awaiting Airsoft Innovation's "revolutionary money saving 3mm bb"
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Old October 28th, 2009, 10:43   #64
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Location: St. Catharines, Ontario
Naa... Richmond Italia is just a giant douche. Always has been, always will be. Years ago when rainbow coloured speedball was "the thing", he was spouting off how it was the end of scenario/woodsball. Only idiots would not be playing speedball. Well, now that speedball has severly declined in popularity, and companies that tailored just to the speedball community have gone bankrupt, he's talking out the other side of his ass.
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Old October 28th, 2009, 11:47   #65
Ministry of Peace
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Spruce Grove, AB
@WhiskeySix: Fair enough, I like to give the benefit of the doubt but you seem to be familiar w/ him; well seeing as "50 cal" PB won't mean a mass exodus from our sport, guess we can just ignore him.

Edit: Not to be "elitist", but getting interviewed by a bunch of kids doesn't really get you extra "street cred" I suppose, especially w/ this community.
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Old October 28th, 2009, 12:12   #66
arcanuck's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Bilingual People's Republic of Neu Braunsweig
I'm not entirely sure if .50 paintball is legal in Canada, I know it wasn't last I checked, and the guns were classed as replicas and sellers could not get them in this province. It may be legal now, but I don't know.
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Old October 28th, 2009, 12:37   #67
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Toronto, Ontario
There is no reason to bicker about the price of paintball vs airsoft.

It really is basically the same... To say that certain airsoft guns are $1000, but certain airsoft guns are also $100. Paintball is the same, $1000 guns and $100 guns.

In the long run, ammo-wise airsoft wins the price, but in the long run again how much can you get out of your battery until you need to charge it? paintballers will get refills on their air.

But anyway I don't want to get in on more of that but it seems that everyone hates paintball as a sport. Paintball is a great sport! Sure, the people that play it are sometimes stupid... But the community (such as tdotballers) is actually very much like ours, probably with the age verification thingy.

***But anyways .50 cal paintballs would destroy paintball, as most guns now are made for .68 cal I believe?
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Old October 28th, 2009, 13:16   #68
Brian McIlmoyle
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Location: Toronto
Paint ball and Airsoft

is the same game.. just different tools

it makes no sense to discuss what is better ... when in the end it's the same

Where AS differs is the "other side of AS" the collection of realistic firearm replicas. this aspect of the hobby is not duplicated in PB where the focus is more on the action and not the tools.

Although some of the new small ball PB guns are moving into replica territory as well
Brian McIlmoyle
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Old October 31st, 2009, 07:40   #69
makinitbig's Avatar
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I come from 11 years of paintball experience both bushball, and competitively. Me and few buddies from my team started playing airsoft about 2 years ago for two reasons. One paintball sucks balls in the winter, and number two I can say playing this game (ammo wise, minus the gucci gear) is way cheaper. Right now I play on a competitive team here in BC and we pay $25 a case (for average team its about $35-50) and we shoot 2 cases a practice, and coming to airsoft being able to play two weekends for $25 was amazing. The only real difference I see from the two games is competitive paintball requires a much higher level of athletithism, while airsoft you just cant be labeled an awesome player if your a small fast kid who can run 50yards in 3-seconds witch is pretty much the pro paintball bracket is made up of. Airsoft feels like you need to earn a spot in the community, and earn respect as a player, and defiantly has a scarier face to it than paintball to the public. Also this airsofters are pussies, paintball players are pussies shits gotta end. It may not seem like it but we need eachother with more , and more realistic looking paintball guns coming into the country now are warming people up to replica training weapons (for some reason some of those guns fall under the same category as airsoft guns to customs, and are allowed to pass to there distributors?). As of nowthere's no laws prohibiting .50cal paintballs, and wouldn't make guns shooting them prohibited. Also as for .50cal ruining paintball because everyone owns .68. I was just at USPL and most companies are releasing different inserts for there guns to make them compatible with .50cal.
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Old October 31st, 2009, 08:51   #70
Con Murder
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Location: Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Guitar is my hobby, three things that hobby have incorperated to reduce costs are.

1. Precision machined parts
2. Faux bone and tortiose shell
3. 5 plecktrums for 1$
Con Murder
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Old October 31st, 2009, 11:05   #71
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Originally Posted by Con Murder View Post
Guitar is my hobby, three things that hobby have incorperated to reduce costs are.

1. Precision machined parts
2. Faux bone and tortiose shell
3. 5 plecktrums for 1$
tortiose shell is Illegal .faux bone still requires work to be done its an experiment in material.]

pic have always been cheap.

precision machined parts isn't new and with a instrument you don't wan't discrepency with the hardware

the only change to lower costs in guitars are switching the amps to transistors from tube wich pretty much failed since no one uses transistor amps except a few .

cnc machining the guitar bodys and necks but thats somewhat of a plus you get rid of human error and also cut down costs.Also sending the manufacturing to china

there realy hasn't been any MAJOR change to the guitar since the invention of the humbucking pickup in the 50's cascading gain stages in the 70's and the invention of the floyd rose nothing else has changed the instrument significantly .

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
lol why is it that every single fucking underaged kid that comes thru here happens to have some private land to play on when accused of playing in public
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Old November 3rd, 2009, 19:45   #72
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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Pretty sure Aqua posted this awhile ago:

I always get a good giggle from it.

I like this website, give me good lol

add this website to my favorite

this gun has too much light unless his plan is blind players

(notice that image is photoshop edit)
my english is bad. however, It don't make up different on your ignorance.

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Old November 4th, 2009, 08:20   #73
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Location: Fredericton NB
I played competitive paintball for 14 years and started to lose interest when speedball or"quickshot" became popular. But when Airsoft came along, I dropped Paintball like an uncooperative prom date, not because I though it was cheaper (although if you compare parts and ammo it is) but because Airsoft was everything I wanted to do when I started playing paintball but couldn't. I won't go over all the pros and cons needless to say I went over to the other side with a big smile on my face.

Clearly this guy markets to inexperienced kids who don't know better. In the long run I think most serious players would pick Airsoft over Paintball, maybe not ten years ago, but today for sure. And if not to each their own.

I can't stand those blow up bunkers you see at Speedball games, something about them, drives me right up the wall.

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Old November 4th, 2009, 09:17   #74
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Location: Barrie, Ontario
I switched to airsoft from paintball this year because of milsim, using mags vs hoppers and pods, no having to buy new camies every year cause the paint just doesn't come out like it used to, and not having to buy specialty harnesses to hold pods. It's just common sense, most airsofters are cool guys and therefor no need for paint markings. They guys I play with always call their hits, besides who needs cheaters anyway, in the end the guys that cheat do so 'cause they suck and it's the only way they'll stay in the game. Even though the .50 ball will more than likely greatly improve the sport I don't think you'll be seeing the switch from airsoft back to paintball. People that I've seen introduced to airsoft usually never look back, it's just too much fun.
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Old November 4th, 2009, 09:19   #75
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Location: Barrie, Ontario
Paintball is good for younger players until they can get into airsoft, that's the only way I'm seeing it right now.
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