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airsoft in checked luggage?


Newbie Tank

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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:04   #1
Join Date: Sep 2009
airsoft in checked luggage?

Hi I was just wondering if i bought a nice black metal ak-47 airsoft and brought it back will Canada Custom screen my bag again? I dont think the people that work at the airport in the country im going to know its against the law to bring back a softair cause its a replica firearm, im just gonna tell them i have a toy gun in my luggage.
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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:06   #2
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don't do it, they will check it at canadian customs and it will get taken away from you.
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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:13   #3
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Never mind Canada Customs, as you will most likely not be getting on a plane to go to Canada with something that looks like an AK in your suitcase.
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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:19   #4
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No. Just no. AFAIK It gets checked departing from the country (lets say you're departing from HK, it will get checked as it's going out) and checked again at the point of entry (CBSA checks at the airport). As long as it's not illegal going out then you're good for taking it out of country, getting it into a different country is a different matter.
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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:25   #5
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Let's see the scenario...

-You put a weapon replica in your luggage
-The luggage goes through an X-Ray scanner that scans the luggage for any shape that resembles a weapon or part of a weapon.
-The Airsoft replica makes the alarm go "BEEP BEEP"
-The CBSA officer asks you to go with him in the little closed off room
-The CBSA officer puts on rubber gloves and asks you if you have anything else that else that's illegal
-Then...He makes sure you don't!!!!!
-Then he puts you in a cell where someone else will hurt your butt.

Is it worth trying?

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Old September 19th, 2009, 19:25   #6
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Its not a matter of getting it out of the country you purchase your airsoft gun in, its a matter of getting it into Canada. Since the CBSA considers airsoft guns to be replica firearms, regardless what you declare it, its more than likely that your AK will be seized.
Attempting to bring an airsoft gun into Canada regardless if you declare it or smuggle is not a recommended course of action.

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