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Agm m4 gbbr



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Old October 4th, 2009, 21:27   #61
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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
I hate to thread jack here

But I like this paradox going on

Before Ronan use talk big about his Systema and its awesomeness but now he has opted for a GBB-R brand that some people hesistate about and is now the brand defender of that.

And then

Kullwarrior, haven't seen his post until this year and he's now talking big about GBB-R brands that are the best (Yes I know Magna and WA are wonderful so no need to go in detail about it)

I can predict 3 years or maybe 2, the arguments about what the best AEG brand will probably be minimal or cease to exist and then people will be talking all about what GBB-R brands and which one works out of the box. And then there will be Elitist GBB-R brand guys who feel the need to be the Defender of the brand.

Times are interesting for sure

Back on topic
Along the lines of this review I would say good job for consolidating all the information that would be needed for those who like to tinker and what parts may be needed.

Aside from the Brand Defender argument, I would say good review.
Thanks, a lot more to come, but still waiting on stuff to arrive. I think CBSA is playing with my parts

I love PTW's, they are a thing of wonder. I never defended them because it said 'Systema PTW' on the case, but because of what they can do. For me to defend AGM is for good reasons, but some people can't read past the label. Which is fine, i just wish they would keep it to themselves and keep this thread clean for people who WANT to know to not have to read through their bs.
Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney View Post
Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.
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Old December 23rd, 2009, 11:39   #62
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Now, I know i've seen the solution before somewhere. I'm playing around with the AGM/RA-TECH/Element parts I have here. I've installed the Element High Power Loading Nozzle into my RA-Tech bolt carrier. When Its together, I insert a mag, pull the trigger, and all the gas just shoots out the barrel. Looks pretty cool mind you, but I'd like the gun to work. What did I do wrong?

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Old December 23rd, 2009, 14:00   #63
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Element nozzle are main O-Ring are off spec. You need a bigger O-Ring. If ind P14 o-ring are suitable for RA-Techs but not imperial ones is better, Im too lazy to dig up the spec if you want pm me. Remember if there's too much space between the inner BCG and O-Ring seal wont be effective and it will just burst out. Another thing is that its misaligned. I know Element spec aint that great, I got 4 (it was cheaper than purchasing new shells and O-Rings at the time)

As for replying to about AGM, another problem is the spec and QC, I know stock tube isnt really smooth as it should be so yea.
as far as right now, Im taking a break on GBBR, (just sold all my mags to fund my ptw, usp, and school)
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Old December 23rd, 2009, 21:35   #64
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Now, there were two little orings with the Element kit that were not on my AGM nozzle when I took it apart... or were they supposed to be there?

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Old August 20th, 2010, 15:23   #65
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I just got an AGM M4 GBB in a trade and I am not at all familiar with GBBR's

I am more an AEG person but decided to go for this to try it out...

here is what is has in it so far

NPAS is in the nozzle, and that's new.
It works fine with the system, but you have to use a screwdriver to adjust it.

The charging handle was dremmeled to make it fit, but it's prime, and works fine by the prev owner...

It Needs a Hammer... (original Broke)
I was thinking of this one from Ehobby


I am also looking for a new stock pipe for this one
here is what I was thinking of

I have also heard that the Hop should be changed so I was looking at this one

question is will all these parts work good or can you recommend other parts if these will not work...

the stock I was thinking about using was from an old AEG that I had. it does not house a battery in the stock so is very solid will it work over the pipe I was looking at...

I was also looking at this part for the Recoil spring

anywho I am looking to upgrade to make this a truly viable gun...

I read this thread and all seems good but my big question is

if looking at Ehobby if it will fit the WA will it fit this gun...

anyone have additional parts lists that work with this gun

thanks much

Rhino Living
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