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V2 gear box break down?


Newbie Tank

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Old August 30th, 2009, 14:23   #16
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Originally Posted by Cushak View Post
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
If you don't plan on playing any games anytime soon then u don't need this pos mpeg just save up and buy a real gun
Wow great advice pusangani.

He's already said he's not looking for that answer, he's looking for help to get his gun fixed. If you feel that this is an 'unfixable situation' than state so from your gundoctoring experience and suggest it's better left be.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
wow, I didn't know it took years of gundoctoring experience to know how to use google properly
Never said you needed years of gun doc experience to give advice. Just back up your statements by explaining them. Telling him why you suggest doing something willl do FAR more for helping him learn than saying "Your guns shit. Buy a new one". Especially considering he already admitted it wasn't the greatest gun, but for now was all he had.

Now if you had actually elaborated on why fixing it wouldn't work, than great. But as it was, that was a useless post, just like that last one.

This section of the board isn't for discussion or arrogant comments, it's for information.

Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
hmm I had been told it was the same a V2.. just a really cheap copy. I think this gun will go into the box of broken stuff. if nothing else I got a spare stock and a battery out of it.
And something to tinker with to learn the basic mechanics of an AEG with risking breaking something.

Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
the mag is releasing BBs because when I remove it it drops 4 or 5 loose ones out. If inverted it only sometimes fire correctly. if you watch the BB while pulling the trigger it kind of bounces around in the chamber for a bit then fires...
Bounces where in the chamber? Without seeing it firsthand, I'm not sure if I can help with this...

Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
the spring I was putting in wasn;t actually an upgrade. it was supposed to be around stock (least thats what I had been told by the guy behind the counter. He seemed to know his stuff though). I didnt; want to upgrade in fear of the box breaking... my fears were well warranted heh.
While he's right that this fps does seem to be the average in most new guns these days, you'd have gotten much longer life out of your gun if you had something like the modify M90, it wouldn't be so hard on your gun.

Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
as for the glue I didnt; actually use glue. 1st I tried to plastic weld it but the case is to cheap to do that. I ended up using plastic solvent, it melts the plastic back together, then I put a layer of woven fiberglass over the damaged area (kayak glass). this was braced against the gun shell itself with a piece of metal plate and tube going to the back of the stock.... all that and it won;t fire hahaha
Ha, sounds like you made it stronger than it was before.

I'd hang onto that gun for now, and if you make it to a game before (and stilll want it working) see if there's a local gun doc who could at least look at it while you're there, give you some opinions. Although I'm not sure it'd be worth it to pay him to take it home and open it up (depending on his hourly rates I guess)

Sounds like the box is stronger than it was before :P.
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Old August 30th, 2009, 14:57   #17
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Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
hmm I had been told it was the same a V2.
Well I suppose theres a good chance that it is the same, hopefully the exact same. From what I recall on the topic I believe there could be issues with fitment with an actual metallic version 2 mechbox. However in airsoft as in life things do change, its more than possible that you could perform a straight out swap with little to no issues.

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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