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[56k Friendly] DBoys Mauser Kar98k Wood & Metal Version



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Old July 30th, 2009, 05:46   #1
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[56k Friendly] DBoys Mauser Kar98k Wood & Metal Version

This review is in progress as it's really late as of now. Will finish it up tomorrow thanks for your patience.

I was going to post this under Kullwarriors post but don't know if doing that will be in violation with rules so I created my own separate thread. If this is in fact incorrect please merge my thread with his, thanks in advance!

OK mine arrived at the door this afternoon. It's the real wood and metal spring action version, not the gas powered, but I love it nonetheless! Here's the pic of it in the box:

It's all plastic sealed which is really good news for me. I never liked airsoft retailers "pre-checking" my airsoft guns for me. I know they do it with good intent but I don't like it just "new", but MIMB (mint in mint box, dunno if people still use this term haha).

Here's what's in the box with all its contents:

I don't know if I'm wrong but I recall seeing the in ads and some online sites that the shells are gold/bronze in color? The ones I got are silver, still nice. The sling that came with it is a joke, and the bigger joke is the instruction manual. It's just one piece of paper, literally. It's folded in half so it creates a two page manual haha, and a quick skim revealed several spelling errors. Oh well at least they're trying. The BBs I was told not to use, so try not using them.

Now the rifle itself... OK you know what it's 2:40AM so I'm just gonna take a break here, I'll continue tomorrow to sum this rifle up. But just that I quickly weighed the rifle and it's 3.2kg, good but not quite for me because the real steel is 3.7kg-4.1kg, I like my airsoft to be authentic and this is a little down for me but then who'd notice that 0.5kg difference? So I'm satisfied. The wood however... See for it yourself:

Before I opened it the box arts rifle look exactly like what I would expect. But after I opened it, the wood stock really look and feel like plastic to me. See the above pic for a comparison of the box art & the product. I also tried cocking the thing and you know what, it's really hard to push in, I'm not kidding. Alright my eyes aren't helping if I keep typing I'll be sleeping on my keyboard so I'll finish this tomorrow ta-ta~!
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Old July 30th, 2009, 19:14   #2
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Congrats man. It looks good. Don't forget to give your impressions after trying it.
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Old July 30th, 2009, 20:20   #3
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I had one a while back, Its an ok gun but as people in the Sniper clinic saw, the shell catch lever on the bolt assembly wears very quickly (Preventing Shell Ejection which is EXTREMELY Frustrating) , and easily damages the shells. The shells ARE silver, there are no bronze colored ones for the Dboys and the Marushin Shells dont work on the Dboys Either as they are 8mm.

Shell Ejection looks great for wall hangers and shit, but as Paul (Sha Do) Saw during the clinic, I came to the clinic with 30 shells, I walked out with 25. Thats AFTER Someone found 6 of them somewhere on the ground. I Tried Shell Catches, But noone makes one for the Kar98, Only Generic Ones and they interfere with the Loading of the Gun.

As for the gun, It was fairly consistant, but she always shot to my right a little (consistantly) and FPS (Due to each of the shells) was somewhat inconsistant as the rubber seals on the shells were not very good. The Aluminum on the shells damaged EXTREMELY easily and ive thrown out over 12 shells that were 100% unusable due to damage from either dropping them on the ground (thats enough to damage the aluminum shells) and Jams as the shells dont always pop into the chamber properly and slam against the receiver instead of in the hole which completely damages the front end of the shell so the BB does not fit inside properly. Ive also had BB's wedged inside the shell that will not fire as the damaged shells pinch the BB inside.

Overall, i wasnt quite impressed. She was a great wall hanger, but the wood was cheap quality and damaged very easily (very soft wood stained and laquered)

Certified Sniper Clinic Instructor and Counter Sniper
Sentinel Arms Customs - Specializing In Unique, One of a kind guns
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Old July 31st, 2009, 10:16   #4
a.k.a. Submachinehead
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Strip it with some chemical stripper and finish with linseed oil instead.

The wood finish is crappy. The wood is Chinese beech, as I've stated before, but light and not very dense SAPWOOD and not the HEARTWOOD. As such, there will be knots and wood filler underneath. Still looks nice stripped:

I polished the loading ramp and the chamber ramp. Feeds much smoother now.

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Old July 31st, 2009, 10:19   #5
CrackShot 07137
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I agree w/ Dark- not really for playing. Try and get the Tanaka KAR98K for that (working on getting my second)

And yeah, get a WWII impression going
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