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Pantac Chest rig for M4/M16 OD green



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Old May 20th, 2009, 15:37   #1
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Pantac Chest rig for M4/M16 OD green

Some of you may have full tac vests, or Molle style vests, but chest rigs have many advantages and are worth considering if you are in the market for some new gear. Previously I used a CADPAT tactical vest not Molle compatible, and I found that it had many wonderful features. I had ample space for mags, a hydration pack space and various other utility pouches that could accommodate many things, but I found that I needed almost none of these to play the game. And I found with gloved hands that mags were often extremely hard to get out of the vest so I began to look around for something a little more basic. Pantac has had a solid reputation in airsoft so far, and make many fine products, but a lot are very expensive. The chest rig though was not its under 70.00 CAN in the ASC mart, which is a great price considering Pantac suggests a 70.00 USD price on their website; furthermore, the shipping was cheap and fast.

The vest has many advantages, one you get enough space to get 6 mags in easily accessible locations, two more in side pockets, but the easy part goes out the window with the side pocket location since they are a little deep. I found one advantage with this rig is that you can fit a pistol in the side pouch very securely, as you can see in the attached picture. I was disappointed however with the pistol mag pouches.. They are located in a great spot right in front of the double mag pouches, but they are too small to fit mags in! I have the KJ works Hi-capa and those mags are too tall to fit. The flap that goes over the mag to secure it was not long enough, and I simply wont trust the holder that only covers at best a third of my pistol mag while on the run. The vest also has a net pouch on the inside, which I have photographed to show that is quite large, large enough to fit my pistol in. It is a great place to keep some clothes to wipe away any mask fog.

The harness is very comfortable, the thick and padded harnesses crisscross over your back, and after you have it set up you can barely notice you have any weight at all in the harness. The whole rig is very adjustable and with a little bit of time I had it setup to my liking. My impression on durability would be very optimistic, the whole things is made of Cordura and has very sturdy clasps, and an overall simple design that I hope adds to longevity.

Final verdict is a recommendation, its simple but that is a good thing. The mag locations right in front of your stomach allow for very easy reloads, and this is true with tac gloves on as well. I wouldn’t buy if you want the rig to accommodate the four pistol holster locations, as I said they were way to small for the KP-05 pistol mags, but overall a good choice in gear. Since it’s a simple harness setup it is light comfortable, affordable and wont be as hot on a summer days as a full Molle vest will be.
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Old May 20th, 2009, 22:53   #2
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You could have picked up a real Eagle version for not much more. They have even popped up in the classifieds for as low as $40 or so. Unless you are running a large radio in the side pockets they are pretty useless. I took mine off and added PAL webbing. The SKD versions are pretty slick. Great little rig. I replaced the straps with the padded ATS H-Harness. I find the rig sits nicer over top of PACAs without the straps being crossed on your back.
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Old May 20th, 2009, 23:41   #3
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Got the real Eagle from Oneshot for round 80 loons. Great little rig that I keep for using under my ghillie.

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Old May 20th, 2009, 23:56   #4
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I have the Eagle verson of this and it's a great rig, I don't know about the Pantac version but the Eagle version has room for eight m4/m16 style mags plus the two deeper side pouches. I just put some plastic bags in the bottom of the side pouches and they work just fine for m4 mags as well, that gives a total of twelve mags. The pistol mag pouches, at least on the Eagle verson, fit my KJW M9 mags perfectly. They also fit TM MP5 shorty mags quite well too.

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Old May 21st, 2009, 02:08   #5
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Does Pantac make the SKD molle version?
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