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Canadian Airsoft Girls Calendar



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Old May 26th, 2009, 18:05   #181
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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
I did not follow this thread at all. But I saw some linked examples in this page.

I see that when people think "girls with guns" they think of a nice girls dressed in cheap, korny military outfits in front of a background smiling and looking stupid.

IMO, that's a waist of efforts and, like it was said here, give us a bad image.

If I where to produce that thing and make the photoshoot, I'd go with a more serious look, on location, with no "cheap sexual" aproach.

I'd set the girls, well geared, in a little scenario, as if they where doing real military or police stuff. Not just showing their whites teeths and boobs.

Or, if locations where not avelable, I'd got GTF2 style (refering to the GTF2 posters), with dark, mysterious looking girls comming from nowhere in the dark, looking deadly but still cute behind the gear.

well the first idea was to get a calendar for each province.
after looking around that idea was scrubbed due to the fact theres not enough girls intersted in each province.

this was never going to be a girl in a bikini with a gun or some plastic cheap halloween costume posing. no this is for real girls

all real girls
in all real gear
in real situations
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Old May 26th, 2009, 18:56   #182
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^ uhm.. i thought that's what AAR game posted pictures were for.. there. calandar complete, done free.
men and women of all ages and all locations playing.. geared up in "real situations"..
no models to hunt, no fees for photographers, and there for everyones browsing enjoyment..
. the end. - fin. - ...
as said, can't and won't talk for anyone, just for myself, this idea makes me uncomfortable, kudos and props to those gutsy and willing..
one girl, one players opinion..
im done with viewing/posting in this thread..
good luck again with bringing it to fruition, finding buyers and covering overhead (I don't mean this in a rude, cruel or nasty way, honestly.. the thread just creeps me out a bit..)
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