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The I have been gone Airsoft GI update


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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The I have been gone Airsoft GI update

A huge pile of new goodies from Airsoft GI

We have just received a lot of new tacgear from OE TECH; including more colors of the iPouch, EMT glove pouch, and a flashlight pouch. Also brand new is the G&G SCAR Flash Hider/Barrel Extension, we have them in black and tan. The Well G-11 is here as an alternative to the discontinued KWA M11. Finally MagPul has release an instructional DVD titled, “The Art of the Tactical Carbine.” This DVD features 3 discs covering basic carbine use to advanced team tactics and skills. This disk is designed for use with real guns but can also be applied to airsoft. A list of contents are as follows:

Disk One - Fundamentals

* Gear Placement
* Optics and Accessories
* Establishing Battle Sight Zero
* Iron Sights and Electronic Optics
* Effective Shooting Stance
* Proper Weapon Grip/Recoil Control
* Admin/Speed/Tactical Reloads
* Press checks
* Solving Malfunctions
* Shooting on the Move
* Natural and Improvised Shooting Positions
* Choosing the Position for the Task
* Individual/ Team Barricade Drills

Disk Two - Advanced Skills

* Individual and Team Live Fire Stress Drills
* Rapid Thread Analysis and Acquisition
* Transition to Secondary Weapon
* Advanced Shooting on the Move
* Multiple Target Engagement
* Weapon and Reaction Side Barricade Drills
* Individual/Team Barricade Drills
* Shooting around Vehicle Team Drills
* Advanced Failure Drills
* Drawing the Pistol

Disk Three - Drills

* Weapons Nomenclature and Accessories
* Weapons Disassembly and Maintenance
* Weapons Storage and Travel

Airsoft GI is proud to announce the creation of the Perfect AEG! The Airsoft GI PTT is another fusion between real steel parts on airsoft AEGs. The base gun is a Top Tech M4, which has the pneumatic blowback gearbox. Top Tech already makes a great quality, reliable, AEG; however our goal with this custom model was to make it as realistic and reliable as possible for hardcore airsoft players and/or military or law enforcement training. Therefore the internals have been tuned with Systema Gears, G&P M160 Motor, Modify S120 Spring, and a Super Core Piston. This gun is built from the very best real steel and aftermarket airsoft parts, internally and externally; it is built for the most enthusiastic airsoft players and professional training personnel. The reason we used such high quality parts it to provide a durable/reliable training gun that's more realistic and usable than the blue rubber gun, and also cheaper than the Systema PTW. This AEG is also more reliable and consistent than gas blowback rifles. This gun is among Airsoft GI's best crafted AEGs, this gun is...perfect. For more information on this rifle click HERE (link to gun:

We also have a new version of the TSD G36. Also, Madbull has a new type of Noveske 10" Free Float RIS, this one has been cut out to accommodate the front iron sight on the M4. Finally, new gear from OE TECH and a new Blowback MP5 from Cyma.

We have just received the Classic Army M15A4 blowback AEG. Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The finish of the body is darker than previous models, which gives the gun a more realistic look. The charging handle and bolt catch are functional. Classic Army has also included a sling mount at the rear of the body. The magazine release has been changed to the real gun style button. Classic Army has been on a roll recently, and this new gun just gave them a bit more momentum.
The following is a short video displaying the new CA Blowback in action:
We’ve also just received a fresh batch of Mil-Spec Monkey Patches, as well as new rail systems from Echo 1.

Since the arrival of our first Classic Army Blowback AEG our techs have already built a custom gun out of it. Don’t worry, we still have plenty of stock ones to sell you. However, the Airsoft GI Blowback RAS II is an awesome AEG; built from the Classic Army blowback and enhanced with the Echo 1 RAS II. Additionally, we have new gear from OE TECH. The Quick Release Plate Carrier features OE TECH’s new release system, the pull cord is just below the left shoulder and the cord is hidden from view, unlike the Tear Away Plate Carrier. Also from OE TECH, the Mesh Hydration Vest; this versatile vest has molle webbing throughout and a built in compartment for a hydration bladder. Therefore, the user can keep hydrated without using valuable molle real-estate on a hydration carrier. Check out these great new items and more daily at

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