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Official I hate Canada postal service thread!!!



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Old June 29th, 2010, 02:15   #376
uMadd, Padd?
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Originally Posted by BoB View Post
I seriously love Canada post. They rule.
If that's the case, throw these fuckin' jokers out and do their job properly.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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Old July 6th, 2010, 06:06   #377
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Yup, how about Canada Post leaving parcels on your doorstep? Not even ringing the bell, I went to check the mail one day, and there it was in the rain, a helmet I ordered, in a drenched wet box, helmet was ok If someone stole it... then what?
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Old July 6th, 2010, 09:15   #378
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Official I hate Canada postal service thread!!!

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven
The route driver for my area never used to even attempt to deliver the parcel, he would just stick the notice on my mailbox and F-off.

One time I was sitting on my couch and I watched him ring my door bell and the stick the notice to the mail box and immediately walk away before I could even get up. I have made multiple complaints but I know nothing will ever come of it.

Another time I saw him coming up the drive way with my notice so I waited by my door. When I saw his figure through the opaque glass I flung the door open, he almost shit his pants. "Oh I didnt know if anyone was home". There are two cars in the drive way and you didnt think anyone was home? Dumbass.
One word - UNION. Only reason why some of these people are still employed. Let's abuse the shit out of it eh?
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Old July 8th, 2010, 15:27   #379
Assault Pioneer
formerly haakon45
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okay so I've been tracking a few orders I have, and yesterday they all said they were in the next town over, one is xpresspost the rest are expediated, either way they shoulda been here today, cause when it says its in the next town over they always arrive the next day.

I went to check my post box and there was a package slip but not for me, I went and got the package and went back home to check what is going on with my packages and I got this bullshit:
sorry, we cannot find the page you requested (not an error 404, this is canada post telling me that they can't find my tracking number, for all my packages)

is this going on everywhere on CP? my packages should have been here anyway.

they were all supposed to be here yesterday too
Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.

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Old July 8th, 2010, 15:33   #380
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Dartmouth NS
The tracking system is currently down, it's a national outage. (I'm on one of the systems IN a Canada Post Plant, and I can't even get into it from a direct connection on the server)

Before anyone starts yelling at me, NO, I do NOT work for Canada Post, I DO work in one of their facilities, but in nothing to do with the actual Post service itself.
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Old July 8th, 2010, 17:35   #381
ˇˇˇɹǝʞɐǝɹq oqɯoɔ-ɔ-ɔ-ɔ
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Well heres a success story so i order from ASP and they got my order in pass the cut off so a extra day no big deal though since its not needed that quickly was supposed to arrive today on the 8th but I went to check my order thinking they would screw it up a bit ofc, and they did, they still said my package was going to arrive on the 8th but it also said delivered so sure enough I go and check and its here on the 7th. hmmm. I'll take ti as a win though.
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Old July 8th, 2010, 18:12   #382
AV Suspended due to trade dispute
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That hurt trying to read that.
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Old July 13th, 2010, 09:19   #383
The Keiichione
formerly keiichi
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Location: Lévis,Qc
I don't want to glorify canada post but I Always had go experience with them ! I bought a handguard Here, The guy shipped it friday at Winniped, Monday its was at montreal, and this morning its Out for delivery at Qc City !
I always recived my items, in the mail box around at 1030-1100 and I always recevied them before the estimate delivery date.
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Old July 14th, 2010, 09:07   #384
doc_pathfinders's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Cyprus
Guys, after dealing with parcel-farce (parcel force) and cyprus pissed (cyprus post) i have to say that most of the problems you face are mild..

Imagine having (in ONE week) three packages go missing (at different stages, so it's not my local postie who realised and nabbed them) and having to wait a month because the packages 'might arrive' dispite the fact that the tracking they have has said that the items have been sitting around at one location for 10 days already...

i thought things were bad in the uk, but cyprus takes the piss,

ANY PACKAGE (and i mean ANYTHING larger then a medium envelope) means you'll get a 'green card' which means you have to go fetch it from your local office.. (they don't 'do' deliveries) but to top it off, IF your item is larger then a random size, then it gets kept at the large regional office.. tracking marks it down as 'reciever not at home blahblah'

plus the fact that cyprus is a _small_ island but it takes a week for it to get from the airport to my local post office, (80 km) and then another 1 or 2 days for the green card to be sent out from the local post office to me (1km)

i don't even bother waiting for the green cards any more, if it's a tiny package then i'll show up with the tracking details and ID and get them to search for it. if it's a bigger package i have to go to the big post office and be nice until i get someones attention long enough to get them to search..

bah, don't mind me.. i've recently had a package from england get stolen, had to wait for a month to get a refund and now my order from WGC shop is delayed so i won't have all my parts that i _REALLY_ needed before the weekend.. which has an event that i planned what i would need a month and a half ago.

a scientific principle must apply here: 'the speed of any item of post is inversely proportional to the level of desire/need the reciever has for the contents devided by the number of times the reciever tracks the package via the online tracking'

meaning: ignore the fact that you have an item coming and it'll fly faster then humanly possible..
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Old July 28th, 2010, 11:39   #385
Qlong's Avatar
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Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Parcel has been stuck at the RICHMOND facility since the 19th...

Also there's a wasp hive inside the letter box outside my house, was stung twice dropping off a package...


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Old July 28th, 2010, 21:30   #386
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Location: Manitoba
So i ordered from Redwolf last friday. Had it express posted to Canada. They told me it would take 1-3 days plus customs to clear it. Nothing is out of the ordinary, throat mic, some tracer bbs and a weapons catch. So i've been checking the tracking number like crazy because I'd like it before cold front this weekend. I knew it was a late order so I paid the extra for shipping...I just checked canada post and apparently it's still en route from its origin what happened to my 1-3 days? they told me it was shipped on monday there, so sunday here. Now I'm reeling to find a comms unit and tracer bbs for the weekend...and i have no idea if the parcel is actually on canadian soil or its still overseas....effen joke...
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Old July 28th, 2010, 21:44   #387
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Location: Pitt Meadows, BC
Originally Posted by Qlong View Post
Parcel has been stuck at the RICHMOND facility since the 19th...

Also there's a wasp hive inside the letter box outside my house, was stung twice dropping off a package...


Its taking the longest possible route to my house apparently.

I could have crawled there and back by now :banghead:
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Old July 28th, 2010, 21:52   #388
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Location: Brantford, Ontario
i wonder if anyone else gets this, sometimes you get delivery cards when your stuff still isnt at your local post office? it pisses me off only thing i got to my house was an over sized box that they wanted to charge me extra for. bloody joke

Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I say we go over there, knock on their door and politely ask them to stop...with a the face.
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Old July 28th, 2010, 22:24   #389
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Originally Posted by jamuke View Post
I had the same issue with some packages I sent to my folks as signature was needed and I was not going to be around.( folks retired and are home all day and I let them know a package is expected.)

3 packages, not one time did anyone knock on the door, the 3rd time I was at the postal outlet I told the lady that for the 3 times now no one bothered to try to deliver the package.
she went to the song and dance of of course they did but probably no one was home.
I told her not to bother trying covering for anyone and from behind someone pipes up" we're busy and don't have time to wait for people to come to the door."

It was the parcel truck driver.

Great attitude and service from Canada Post.
On the upside they don't care and it doesn't bother them one bit, on the downside the shipping charges are ridiculous
I'd happily pay 50% less for the kind of service they are happy to provide.

On the other hand the parcel driver that delivers to my condo is always there before 11am knocking on my door and will get a little something for the holiday season.
Wow tragic story. And the post office was probably less then a 5 minute walk from your house?

Id like to have an option with Canada post to stop even having my packages delivered. Just want a phone call that the package is at the local post office and I can just run over and pick it up myself.

Seriously cant understand why anyone complains about their package not being delivered who live in a major city. Theres a post office at every corner of the city. I dont care what anyone says because that IS amazing service. If you get a notice on your door just show up at the post office just before it closes and your package will be there.
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Old August 1st, 2010, 23:20   #390
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Gunny_McSmith give me your order number. I will figure out what happened for you. I work for Ehobby Asia. I will see what can be done.
I lived in Canada for at least 35 years in Vancouver. I know how shitty our "snail mail" service is there. The guy delivering your package probably when down to the local "peeler" bar instead of delivering mail. Which for sure does happen. So email me your order number here. Plus your email address
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