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Really confused about registration in airsoft


Newbie Tank

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Old February 26th, 2009, 19:31   #1
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Really confused about registration in airsoft

Hi, i am new to airsoft, i am a milsig paintball player, I love the sport paintball but i also into airsoft, i like paintball because of the paint when you get shot, but i like airsoft because of the true milsim that sometimes paintball can't get. But anyways, i am trying to buy a gun, and i went to the faq section of this forum. i read something about the registration and it just confused me. Do i have to register if i want an airsoft gun, because the thing is i can go to canadian tire and just buy one i know it crappy, i am not planning to but i don't think canadian tire i will ask me if i had register :S Is there any retailer around toronto that i can go to and just pick up an airsoft without so much hassle?? or i have to go through the registration?? Is there anymore important stuff about airsoft i have to know about. Also i live arouund in toronto and the only place that i only that have airsoft is a paintball place called defcon paintball, they have airsoft games on monday night, i am just wondering is there any other fields??

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Old February 26th, 2009, 19:58   #2
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The registration thing I believe you're talking about is Age Verification correct?

Basically the community wants to restrict the movement of the "good" airsoft guns in Canada to responsible people who are 18+.

You don't need to register anything. Period. There is no gun license requirement at all. We ARE pretty much playing with toy's after all.

There aren't any walk in stores in Canada per-se. You can go to Canadian tire and get a $80 POS to plink in the basement but that's about all that those are good for. You can also get a Kraken which isn't a bad "newbie gun" but it's recommended you get a gun doc to take a look at it and shim, grease, and replace the bearings on the Kraken before you game it. Or if you're into that mechanical kind of stuff see if you can go to a "gun maintenance training day" or ask a gun doc to show you.

To get the "good stuff" ($350+) you're going to have to get age verified which is just meeting up with a community rep so that they can verify that you're over 18 and you can get access to the classifieds to get a hold of the "real airsoft".

EDIT: You can get gear without being AV'ed and whatnot (BDU's, shooting glasses, chest rigs, etc.). Surplus stores are the best place to look. Also Huang in Oriental Centre I believe stocks upgrade parts for Airsoft.
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Old February 26th, 2009, 20:02   #3
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Unfortunetly for is in Canada airsoft is somewhat difficult to aquire. Due to the view on airsoft by the Canadian border services agency, an airsoft gun is essentially impossible to import since it resembles a real firearm with extreme accuracey. The CBSA will seize and destroy all items that resemble firearms.

In Canada, softair items found at walmart and canadian tire are find to purchase because their bodies are made of noticeable clear plastic. You do not require to register an airsoft gun of any form. Although in the province of Ontario you do require to be over the age of 18 to purchase a softair/airsoft gun.

In regards to games in the Toronto area check out our game postings section on this website for more info on games in your area.

The only actual way these days to aquire a quality airsoft gun is to go through a process called age verifacation. This website has a process called age verification, where if you are 18 or older you can meet with a volunteer representative of this website who will meet with you in person, there is no way around this, no phone, no webcam, in person only, where they will require to see a legitimate piece of photo identification. Once this is done your status on this website will be updated to age verified and you will be able to browse this websites retail and buy and sell sections.

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