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dEFCONAirsoft looking for a new owner/editor


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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dEFCONAirsoft looking for a new owner/editor

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Steve the Editor for dEFCONAirsoft has some news thatís kinda sad:
As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and sadly today this saying applies to the website known as dEFCONAirsoft (

Unfortunately I’ve been finding it increasingly more difficult to juggle outside commitments with keeping the website up-to-date with all the news updates we receive, conducting new reviews and writing articles.  It may come as no surprise to some, as the days between postings have become further and further apart - at one point we missed out almost an entire month!

So, with regret I feel it is time to move on and let dEFCONAirsoft go to a better home, to someone who will no doubt have the time to keep the website updated on a regular basis, and can continue to let it grow.  It’s been a very interesting time over the past two years and we’ve made some good friends along the way plus the opportunity to review some of the latest and greatest Airsoft hardware, so please understand this is no easy decision to make.

I would like the website to ideally go to an Airsoft enthusiast who is looking to set up their own Airsoft website, and could benefit from having an established site.  I am willing to provide support and guidance to the new owner in assisting them with the transition along with any other information they feel maybe useful.  I was in process of transferring the website to a new structure powered by Joomla, I will include with the package the Joomla book I recently purchased if they feel they wish to go down this route.

As I’ve recently had to renew my web-hosting package, ideally I would like to recoup some of this cost, so dEFCONAirsoft is open to offers, and here is what you will get:

Entire website - *all* current content including archived news, articles, and all of the reviews we have written.. everything!  This will be made available either as a downloadable zip file, or sent via CD, whichever is more appropriate.

Unpublished material - we still have reviews written not yet published, you will receive these too. domain name transferred to you (please note, domain name only you will need your own hosting package - we can assist with this if needed).

Extensive list of contacts - built up over the past two years from Airsoft manufacturers, dealers, retailers and alike.

Re-Direction - All companies that send in their news updates to us, we will let them know the website has changed hands, and forward these messages onto the new owner, so you won’t miss out on any news.

Our Google page rankings - type ‘Airsoft Reviews’ for example into and you’ll see we’re listed 2nd.  Type something a little more specific like ‘marui 1911 review’ or ‘marui glock review’ and you’ll see we’re listed 1st, as with many of our reviews…

Established Reader Base - You won’t need to start from scratch, we get hundreds of visitors a day - and they’ll be your visitors.

Support - I’m happy to offer my advice or assistance in helping you re-establish dEFCONAirsoft as your own project.

I thank you for reading this, and I hope that dEFCONAirsoft does indeed find a good home and a new owner.  If you would like to contact me for more information, or make me an offer please contact me at the usual address:   and you can find the website here:

Steve (4dEFCON) (Editor, dEFCONAirsoft)

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