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Operation: HEAT on January 25, 2009


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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Operation: HEAT on January 25, 2009

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Roundhouse Productions have sent in details of Operation:HEAT:
Greetings All!!!

Hope everyone had safe and fun Holidays!  Everyone here at Roundhouse is looking forward to the New Year and seeing familiar faces and making new friends in 2009!  We’ve got A LOT of exciting events planned for 09 Starting off with the AEX ( customer appreciation day on January 25th!

Scenario and Appreciation Day details listed below -

Here are all the juicy details:

Game Date: January 25th That’s right it’s a Sunday!

Operation: Heat

Appreciation day details:

  • FREE BBQ Provided by Airsoft Extreme.  Hot dogs, burgers, soda and chips all on AEX!
  • Repair Station Provided by Airsoft Extreme on site!!
  • AEX sale tent get all your needs ON SITE!!            
  • Lunch time mini games w/ Prizes no cost to you, go through as many times you want!
  • Hidden Easter Egg prizes on the field Find the Easter Egg GET A PRIZE!!
  • Plus the usual onsite raffle prize!!
  • And a special opportunity to meet.and SHOOT your favorite AEX and employees!
Scenario: The Pink Panthers, a world renowned group of bank robbers, jewel thieves comprised of over 200 former Yugoslavian soldiers have moved their operations to the U.S.  Last year, the Pink Panthers made off with over $105 million in jewels from luxury stores all over Europe.  Their most brazen heist was done while in drag.  These bold heists have brought them too much attention and they have now moved to the US to setup operations. It is rumored that the Pink Panthers are moving around with large bundles of cash, thus slowing their movement as they try launder the money out of the country.

The FBI’s Organized Crime Unit has been following their movement in the US and tracked them to the sleepy town of Heartbreak Ridge, California where they are using it as a base of operations for planned heists throughout the country.  Tipped off by locals, FBI and local SWAT teams have moved into the area in the attempts to seal off and lock down these elusive jewel thieves.  Expecting a fight, the Pink Panthers are known to be well organized, aggressive and violent if cornered.

It looks like a shootout at Heartbreak Ridge!


Team Arrangements

Federal SRT Team All black or OD BDU’s

Heartbreak Ridge PD/SRT Team Woodland BDU’s

FBI Tan pants with black polo’s and FBI type parkas


Pink Panthers civilian clothes (Drag is optional)

Game Specs:

  • $30 per person, pay at field ($35 late/walk on registration fee.)
  • 18 and over only (We reserve the right to check IDs at the field.)
  • 100% Bio-BBs only (required by the city) $15 a bag (at the field and AEX)
  • 400 fps limit w/ .20 bb’s
  • Full facemasks or full-seal goggles.
  • Gloves, Knee and Elbow pads recommended!
  • Pistols required for fighting in the homes.
  • You are responsible for reading the rules and regulations before attending our events.
Online registration is now open and will be open up until 24hrs before the event. If you register after the 24-hour deadline or attend as a walk on, there will be an additional fee at the field. Please refer to the rules and regulations page for more information. On field registration is to open on January 25th @ 0700, Ops are to begin at 0930 and end approximately at 1700. If you register on the field after 0900 hrs, you will be charged the late registration fee.


Directions to the Field

This is gonna be a blast!  Lots of prize giveaways, lots of fun.  Lets start the year off right!!!

-Sean (the Saint) St. Cin
-Alex (Fade) Eng
Roundhouse Productions

Operation: HEAT is sponsored by:

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