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.20g vs. .23g+


Newbie Tank

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Old January 5th, 2009, 00:34   #16
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I remember it being posted here on ASC at one time someone went into depth with the physics and found that BB's, regardless of weight, are not stable past 380fps or something like that, like Stalker said.

Don't know about your MP5 Stalker but my ICS gets much better range and slightly better accuracy shooting 400fps as opposed to 350fps (chrony with .20's, use .28's, so 320fps and 280fps with .28's respectively.) But then there is the issue of too much hopup adding too much back spin which can throw the BB off.

From my experience:
350fps M4A1 - best range with .25's
400fps M4A1 - best range with .28's
430fps M14 - best range with .28's

Don't know about you people but I shoot at people in the brush more often than people in the open. .28's penetrate brush much better than lighter BB's so can really reach deep into shrubs and such to hit someone. Then there is also the consideration of people seeing the BB flying at them and dodging it. Several people I have seen at games have barely been hit then asked the person who shot them what fps and weight of BB they where using, more often its 400fps and .25's. I have also talked to several people and experienced it first hand where I barely dodge a BB well within the maximum effective range of someones gun and it turns out it was a .28, if it had been a .25 it would have hit because its moving 20-30fps faster.
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Old January 5th, 2009, 11:08   #17
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I think the issues I had last year compared to thee previous one was hop up rubbers. For years I used only the Guarder clear, my MP5A (that I got form you) was the one shooting 360fps the year before, stock inner barrel, easy 200ft with the 0.28g (everyone saw me clear that rock on the other side of Red Tiger's pond after Sniper Hunt 2), and my MP5SD was shooting 385fps and had great range too, stock inner barrel cut to 300mm. I used the A all the second half of the year because I had a torn rubber in my SD, but near the end of the year the rubber was swollen and with hop up full off, gave me great range. Last year I had bought a bunch of the blue Mad Bull hop up rubbers, all had a bad seal with the nozzle, never got any to work well, so I had to use whatever POS black rubbers I had sitting around in my parts bin, so I think tht is the biggest issue I've found between the two years. Also that my SD went up to just under 400fps, and the A went down to about 330fps.

Now I have Guarder clears again, I'm going to replace the rubbers again, but since I'll have my SD mostly open anyways, will change the spring in my SD, put in a Modify 100, get it around 360-370fps. Also didn't like the fact that a couple times my SD would chrony a little over 400fps every few shots, I'd rather have headroom. And will drop my M24 velocity down and see if I can find a sweetspot fps.

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