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Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 8 out now


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 8 out now

From Arnie's Airsoft:

There’s a new issue of AI out now:
Airsoft international Volume 4 issue 8-  Hi guys I just wanted to let you know that the biggest selling Airsoft Publication in the Western world has done it again, every subscriber receives a Pistol; Lanyard as a thank your form us, but that?snot all for a limited time anyone subscribing quoting ?ARNIES? will also receive a FREE BCB UBAC shirt RRP £40.00 so whatever way you look at it you can?t lose buying a subscription to Ai (Offer limited to the first 2000)

Subscription Cost £ 45.00

In this issue of AI you?ll find all the favourites that have made Ai the biggest selling Airsoft publication throughout Europe and the US
6       The Gallery
       A place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we?ll make you famous
13      Airsoft News
       Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
16      Hardware on Display
       CA?s Budget AK47
18      Incoming!
       Your letters answered
20      Site Report I
       Ambush Adventure New Forest
24      Gear Up
       So you wannabe a member of the USMC (Pacific style)
30      Pistol
       Back to basics
35      Site Report II
       Combat South?s Iin Country 6 (Back to Boondocks)
40      Project Ares
       Overhaul and upgrading a CA SLR
42      Tried and Tested
       We try before you buy
44      UKARA listing
46      You?ve got the Look
       Local Loadouts
49      Hardware on Display
       Western Arms CQB- R
52      Staff Shooters
       Its a beast- The VFC BAR
56      Gear Zone
60      Our Finest Hour
       WWII Airsoft at its very best
63       Good Gig Guide
66      The Devil?s in the detail
       Show off your customising skills NEW SECTION
68      Shop Check
70       French Letter

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