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D-Day Battle for Normandy from Filmsim and Gunman


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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D-Day Battle for Normandy from Filmsim and Gunman

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Gunman Airsoft have sent in details of their upcoming 2009 events:
Filmsim and Gunman Airsoft present Operations for…

D-Day, Battle for Normandy

The Road to Caen

February 21-22 2009

£45 - RAF Tuddenham, Suffolk.
£35 if pre-booked (booking form here)

A weekend of training and scenario’s based on the big game in March. These Ops weekends are a chance to come along and skirmish in a 2ww environment and have a social get together with mates from the 2WW Airsoft community. It’s a great place to find out what 2WW Airsoft is all about. Kick off at 10am and play through till dark, then crack on Sunday finishing at around 4pm.

We will be using the woodland, scrubland and roads network we have at the site. All the GMA 2ww toys will be out for guys to use and practice with.

Many Thanks, Josh, (Gunman Airsoft)

Here’s their 2009 calendar:
WW2 events to look for!

‘Operations’ at Tuddenham – Suffolk  21-22 Feb 2009
£45 for the weekend

‘Road to Caen’ at Airsoft Skirmish – Redditch 21-22 March 2009
£85 for the weekend

‘Operations’ at Tuddenham – Suffolk  4-5 July 2009
£45 for the weekend

‘Caen’  STANTA Fibua – Thetford, Suffolk 1-2 August 2009 £85 for the weekend (Gunman Airsoft)

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