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Systema news: Revolution and MAX2


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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Systema news: Revolution and MAX2

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Systema have mailed over a few PDFs about their latest products:
Dear SYSTEMA Dealers


I am surprised at the big response to Revolution.

(We have not started accepting reservation yet. Although we finally start within this week, we have not yet sent information.) 

We have not yet announced the price, either.

We got so many reservations and inquiries every day. 

Since they want to have as much information as possible in advance, I just list information which I can write now.

(1) Price is not yet decided.

(Scheduled price for your reference)
  • Rev-A2-UT16-R 49,000 yen
  • Rev-A2-UT15-R 48,000 yen
  • Rev-A2-UT13-R 47,000 yen
  • Rev-A2-UT11-R 46,000 yen
  • Rev-M4-UT11-F 46,000 yen
  • Rev-A2-HS90-R 45,000 yen
  • Rev-M4-HS90-F 45,000 yen
The price will not be less than this,

Although we have not yet decided, we got so many inquires.

Please consider these as guide and reference.

(2) We accept reservation.

Your order sheet will be updated in the new fiscal year.

Please inform me of the necessary number for reservation by both e-mail and FAX.

(3) The minimum order is one carton (eight piece is entered). Please not that we cannot accept in case it is less than it.

(4) Scheduled release date is December 15. It is the same day with SuperMAX and MAX-2.

(5) Please read attached announcement.

Thank you very much for a lot of expectation and support. As wishing customers to set it to their gun and realize shooting feeling of TW and enjoy it a lot.

Best regards, Kumi


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