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England Win The Stirling Shield


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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England Win The Stirling Shield

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Ken ( emailed over the results of their recent event:
Hi Arnie,

Last weekend saw Stirling Airsoft host our first annual Old Enemy Game, Operation Silent Eye, a battle between England and Scotland for the Stirling Shield.

Played in deep snow at Catterick FIBUA Village in North Yorkshire, the game saw teams representing England and Scotland fighting for control of strategic buildings along with weapons and money caches to score points and lead their side to victory.  More than just a straightforward team against team game, this was a battle for national pride and the chance to become the first holders of the Stirling Shield

Both sides fought valiantly, with control of various buildings and objectives switching back and forth between the two teams, but there could be only one winner and after taking a significant points lead on Saturday night by securing both Stinger missle launchers and the money and gold caches (and despite a surge from the Scots during Sunday’s play) the final scores at EndEx on Sunday were England 1618 - Scotland 924.

You can find more detailed write ups of the game’s events on the Stirling Forum, with debriefs from both Zulu Daddy, the commander of the English Forces and from Landwarrior Airsoft’s Scott, who lead the Scottish Team.  You can also find a full set of photo’s from the game on Flickr and a trailer for the DVD of the game on YouTube.

Plans are already in place for next year’s Old Enemy re-match, with Catterick once again providing the location for Op Instant Justice on December 5th and 6th 2009.

And if you can’t wait until next December, don’t forget to check the dates for the rest of Stirling Airsoft’s events and training days for 2009.

Well done to both teams and congratulations to England on a well earned win.


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