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Release of Hawkeye Paintball Goggle


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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Release of Hawkeye Paintball Goggle

From Arnie's Airsoft:

RAP4 have a new helmet out that looks more than up to Airsoft use (good for keeping your face and teeth how they should be):

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the new RAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle is designed for tactical paintball, military combat training and law enforcement force-on-force training. The Hawkeye goggle is designed with a head and chin strap for your safety. This design prevents the goggle from being pushed down your face, or getting pulled up off of your face. This safety feature is a must for running, jumping, crawling, night play, and other strenuous operations in rough conditions. These straps secure the goggle tightly in place with comfort, too.

Click on image to enlarge:

Another distinct design advantage of the Hawkeye goggle is the flexible, soft goggle frame. This allows the chin guard to curve around the butt stock or air tank on your marker as you take aim. This is especially important for military combat training and law enforcement force-on-force training with T68 and other markers that feature stocks of real military specification.

You need a broad field of vision for training and playing at your best, and the Hawkeye goggle provides a 190 field of view, and clear vision with an anti-scratch and anti-fog thermal cured lens. Perhaps the most convenient attributes are the self-venting design and low profile construction; the vents keep your face cool and get humid air away from your lens (inhibiting fog), and the low profile is less likely to catch a ball or interfere with game play.

For hardcore training, milsim, or extreme safety, the Hawkeye goggle is compatible with helmets. The soft, flexible plastic frame allows for helmet straps to fasten securely and comfortably, and the entire unit is designed to be structurally efficient while maintaining the softness, flexibility and ventilation that paintball players expect.

The RAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle is designed with these key features:
- 190 Wide Angle view for better peripheral vision
- Flexible Cheek Protector for comfort and better aiming
- Head Strap to keep goggle from falling down
- Chin Strap to keep goggle safely in place
- Dual Lens with Anti-Fog Treatment
- Compatible with helmets (RAP4)

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