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Places available for Sopley Camp - Ringwood 22nd/23rd Nov


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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Places available for Sopley Camp - Ringwood 22nd/23rd Nov

From Arnie's Airsoft:

There’s still some places available for the 22/23rd Nov game at Sopley:
There are still places left for this week-end’s PSD & FIBUA tactical training being conducted at Sopely Camp (near Ringwood, Hampshire).  Lead instructor is former Parachute Regiment and Small Arms Instructor, fresh back from a tour as a PSD Operator in The Sand Box. Come and learn how the professionals do it.  More details at Strike-Hold. Cheers, (Lawrence)

More details:
Airsoft weekend Sopley Camp - Ringwood 22nd/23rd Nov.

A bit short notice, but an interesting bit of news from Delta Team 3:

This will be for the Old Sweats and those new to Airsoft, so bring a friend so they can see your not completely nuts running around with guns.

You will need to book early and pay a deposit in advance.  Payments can be made through PAYPAL (details on the Delta 3 website:

The fees will stay the same even if you have your own guns.  This is not a “shoot em up” weekend, its some serious training which you will enjoy.  Feel free to bring your own guns and items with you.   No hopped up weapons please - UKASGB rules apply.  Dress will be all black kit.  Snipers to bring camouflage and gilly suits for the sniper phase.


Sat 22nd: £50 (this is for members and new guys alike) £30 deposit is required soonest.  This will pay for green fees, insurance and rental of a weapon if you don’t have your own. You will also get a bed for the night plus midday snack and evening snack.

Sun. 23rd: £45 (this is for member and new guys alike) £30 deposit is required soonest.

This will pay for your green fees, insurance and rental of a weapon if you don’t have your own . This will include a mid-day snack.

NOTE:  Do not bring Mk 8 Thunderflashes.  If you have pyro you wish to use it has to be checked by our qualified staff first.

For both days and the evening stop-over the total cost is £95.

Program for Sat 23rd.  (arrive no later than 1000hrs.)

Introduction to pistol shooting:

  • Normal safety precautions
  • Range commands
  • Firing positions
  • Alternative PSD firing positions
  • Target shooting with alternative firing positions
  • Individual PSD firing positions
  • Walking drills whilst protecting a principle
Introduction to assault rifles - M4 and AK 47:

  • Normal safety precautions
  • Range commands
  • Firing positions
  • Target shooting to include basic skirmishing
  • Use of fire and manoeuvre, stoppage drills and magazine changing on the move
  • Winning the fire fight and fighting through an enemy position
  • Reorganisation
  • Searching an enemy PW and/or casualty
  • Ambush and anti-ambush drills
  • Breaking contact drills
  • Man-down drills
Introduction to the General Purpose Machine Gun:

  • Normal safety precautions
  • Range Commands
  • Firing positions
  • Proper use of a GPMG in an airsoft skirmish (how to get the best out of your gun) 
Introduction to the sniper rifle:

  • Use of camouflage and concealment
  • The Gilly suit
  • Use of local camouflage
  • Basic manoeuvring to a position
  • Use of a sniper in woods and built-up areas to give your team the advantage

  • Team manoeuvring
  • Use of pyro
  • CQB and FIBUA exercises

  • Using all the weapons you have been shown you will carry out a night exercise in a built-up area against an enemy employing booby traps and other ’surprises’ against you.
  • End-Ex and visit to the local hostellers (Pub for you that don’t know).
Program for Sunday 23rd (arrive before 10:00hrs.)

Unarmed close quarter combat:

  • striking /defence, knife  / stick grappling demonstration
  • Short repeat of Sat weapons introduction for those that want/need it
  • CQB/FIBUA against targets (don’t kill the friendlies)
  • House clear in teams, 2-man, 4-man and 6-man teams
  • CQB/FIBUA against a live enemy
  • introduction to the killing house
  • 2- and 4-man team clearing
  • Hostage situation exercise using all weapons taught
For further information, location details, etc., please visit the Delta Team 3 website:

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