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UN Co offer on Super RedHawk Maxi 7.5


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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UN Co offer on Super RedHawk Maxi 7.5

From Arnie's Airsoft:

UN Company have some offers on the Marushin RedHawk:
Special Price items at UN Company: For the newly released Pistol from different companies I have selected two for introduction for the readers. It is the Marushin Super Super RedHawk Maxi 7.5 Inch Heavy Weight 8mm Version. For this item it is available in two colour it is black and silver. For details I will introduce them as follows

As mentioned by the name the Pistol is made of Heavy Weight Plastic. It is divided by the Plastic Grip Parts and Metal Parts. It is very streamlined on the whole. So the Grip will make you easy to hold and fit your hand. Besides, the Heavy Metal Parts which is 1060g will give you a heavy and realistic feel. The Magazine Capacity is 6 Rounds with 8mm BB bullets same as the capacity of all Colt Python Guns. And the Velocity of Muzzle is 280FPS. The speed is comparable to many wargame airsoft electric guns. As recommended by our company technician it is better to use Marui 134A Gas. As this will be enhancing best results smooth shooting at the target when you are playing. The Overall Length is 340mm. This length is suitable for handheld without slipping. Also the Shooting System is Gas Revolver for 8mm BB Bullets. For the package sold at our shop it includes a Gun, 6 Shotshell which is used to fit in the magazine, a 20mm Scope Mount Base which is used for aiming at the target, a Manual which explains the operation of the gun, 8mm BBs which is used for you to test the feature of the gun and there is a long rectangular box for storage of the gun. It is made in Japan and it is made sure of high quality product. Therefore it is perfect for the new player to choose it as an item of the collection

For this it only costs US$ 140 at our shop and it will save you a lot if you also buy other relative products. For example there is two items for the above pistols . It is the Marushin Cartridge for 8mm Revolvers and MF Cartridge for 8mm Revolvers. Each of them costs US$ 31 only. If you are interested in more of the above mentioned items please kindly check out our website at (UN Company)

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