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New modular gear sets from Modify Co.


Canadian Airsoft News Stand

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New modular gear sets from Modify Co.

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Modify Co. have some new gear sets that they would like people to know about:
Dear Arnies

You might like to know that we will have a new Modular gear set released soon.

1) We named this gear set SMOOTH, in which it included 6 pcs of 7mm ball bearing inside, so that even you use it on a 6mm gearbox or a TM (6.1mm) gearbox, you could upgrade you gun with a 7mm ball bearing performance.

2) It is PRE-SHIMMED. Compare to Modify Modular Gear set - Bushing type (Version 1), the SMOOTH is fixed on 1 piece of bracket.  It’s compatible with most Ver.2 and Ver.3 gearbox, including the reenforced Ver. 2 gearbox, like Systema, CA, G&P…

3) As you know, owing to the tolerance, the fixed position holes for the gear set on some brand gearboxes (such as Jing Gong…) are a little different from the stock gearbox. The Modify SMOOTH has a ARC-shaped hole on the bracket. It allows the bevel gear to be adjusted slightly for fixed position to compatible with the different brand gearboxes.

4) Each gears of the SMOOTH could be assembled and disassembled by a special tool. You could use our special tool to maintain the SMOOTH, change the gears, ball bearngs and bushings…

5) The SMOOTH included:

         1) Modular Gear Set with 7mm Ball Bearing, 6 pieces;
            with Stainless Bush (6mm/6.1mm/7mm) , 6 pieces;
         2) An-reversal Latch, 1 piece

6) Total 4 types will be availalbe: 1) SMOOTH (Torque 21.6:1) for Ver.2/Ver.3

                  2) SMOOTH (Speed 16.32:1) for Ver.2/Ver.3
                  3) SMOOTH (Torque 21.6:1) for Ver.6 (P90)
                  4) SMOOTH (Speed 16.32:1) for Ver.6 (P90)

Attached are the pictures.

Thank you and — have nice day! Jane, (Modify Co.)

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