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Old November 7th, 2009, 23:02   #76
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Originally Posted by bondsam123 View Post
hi friends.
- a new airsoft gun is like having a child. When you first get it your gentle and caring, but as time goes on
when it doesn't wanna do wat it's supposed to do you feel like smackin the hell out of it.
- airsoft guns hurt, modded airsoft guns hurt more...but neither compare to the ass whoopin' u get when your wife sees the bill.
- airsoft is like a woman...once you're committed, it starts sucking the money out of you.
dont steal someone elses joke....
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Old November 7th, 2009, 23:25   #77
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16 reasons why having a airsoft is like having a girlfriend/wife

1. They may look like a good deal when you're shopping around (assuming you can afford it to start), but they're just trying to deceive you.

2. They're extremely high maintanance, physically and emotionally, despite what you may be told to the contrary.

3. As soon as you got one, you'll want to "trade up".

4. No matter how beautiful you think she is, you'll inevitably end up buying little baubles and trinkets to doll her up (more money to put out).

5. If you don't show her some affection and take her out once in a while, that sexy purring noise will quickly turn into an annoying whine .... and you'll have broken balls to show for it.

6. No matter which one you've got and how hot she is, some other guy has always got a better one.

7. I prefer mine to be succinct and to the point (sniper). Other guys prefer ones that chatter not-stop ... to each his own.

8. It doesn't threaten my masculinity to let her do all the talking. Sometimes she can get the point across better than I can.

9. You don't want a whore. Face it. If 50 guys have had their way with her, she'll be missing a few teeth and be loose in the box.

10. It's embarassing when you're with your friends and she starts venting gas.

11. Re: point #10, any woman who tells you this never happens is lying.

12. A biggie. Don't screw with someone elses!

13. Another biggie. Screw with mine and I'll cut your head off.

14. No matter how beautiful, helpful, etc. she is, you will eventually develop the urge to take her out into the forest and pump a full mag through her.

15. I wouldn't trust Tru to be alone with her unsupervised.

16. Men can't live without them. Any guy who tells you otherwise is lying or gay.
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Originally Posted by backspasm
"Did someone lose a condom, I found it in my shit"
Lightfighter can suck my cock. Fuckin' thieves!

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Old February 20th, 2013, 22:38   #78
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I don't know if this fits here. Made me laugh though ")

These are some of my favourite days ")
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