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I have a question



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Old August 21st, 2008, 03:34   #16
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Location: Richmond B.C
Originally Posted by Tech View Post
If you just want a gun for shooting cans why don't you just buy a pellet gun, it will give you much better accuracy and you can get them anywhere
agreed.. theres some pretty awesome pellet, or copper BB guns that would be great for target shooting.
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Old August 21st, 2008, 03:46   #17
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is the daily airsoft question where you guys get all of your posts
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Originally Posted by m700murder View Post
(head shots at 110 feet)
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Old August 21st, 2008, 11:04   #18
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I wish I could tell you the answers you wanted to hear. Well I could but unfortunetly I would be lying. As it stands an airsoft gun is not the most easily accesible thing to aquire these days. With retailers slowly withdrawing from operation, airsoft has become somewhat difficult to aquire.

To answer your questions specifically.

1. No, there are not. Well not really, there are but none that are near your location that I know of. There are a few smaller retail run shops through out Canada unfortunetly I cannot provide you any info on them.

2. That depends what type of airsoft gun you are buying. Sure an airsoft gun "can" cost $1000 but it doesnt have to. With the introduction of many mid to lower range asian cloning comapnies who take existing designs and simply reproduce them, airsoft has become a little more affordable. Although it has been noted that attention to detail or quality of material is not the greatest when it comes to clone'd or lower end airsoft guns. However as an addendum to that statement it should be noted that many asian based cloning companies are learning very quickly and making up for mistakes and bad quality control. In the end though, you still get what you pay for. The cheapest most inexpensive airsoft gun I can think of would have to be the kraken, its a partially clear bodied ak47. Availble from bass pro or sir mail order I believe. Although Ive never personally used one, for its cost ($170-$200) its not a terrible airsoft gun. A few additional magazines and a replacement battery with a midrange quality charger should all in all only set you back around $300. Significantly less than $1000.

Im sorry to hear that this websites rules for gaining access to buy and sell does not appeal to you. The ASC buy and sell section would has a wide selection containing gas, spring and electric airsoft guns. The prices are unregulated and but sometimes a decent quality airsoft gun will go up for sale for a price than even the shallowest pocket would agree with. Once again I am sorry to hear that you dont care for the process of age verifcation, there is absolutely no way around an in person meeting. Its not just about you meeting someone, its about someone meeting and getting to know you a little and maybe even answering a few questions in person for you. An age verifiers goal is not just to meet a person and check their ID. Age verifacation is not always guaranteed it can be denied if the verifier can give a justifiable reason as to why someone should not be verified. Age verifiacation is not just for the user, its for this websites protection as well.

Oh and before I forget, a little hint about, stay away from them. Stay far far away from them, customer service is terrible at best, shipping is terrible at best, and communication is terrible at best. Although their online websites reviews may state good things, please take into consideration that they pick and choose which reviews go up and which dont. So if someone writes a bad review, they dont have to post it. Heck Im willing to go so far as to say that there is a good possibility that atleast half of the reviews done on their website are fake and made up.

On the topic of Zaeem, oh how I loath disgussing this incontinent little moron.
The jist of it is he was claiming that he had some sort of "legal" operation set up where he was able to bring in airsoft guns etc etc etc. When in reality all he was doing was taking payment and having the item drop shipped from the US to the buyer. Its not like he was even giving good deals. For example lets say Website A had such and such brand G36 for sale for 100 dollars. He would sell it on his website for 150. In reality when you think about it logically why would you not just order from website A and skip our little short bus riding friend all together? How did the guns make it across you ask? Well the simplest answer is that customs is not perfect, they can not inspect every single drop shipped package coming into the country.

I hope this has answered all your questions.

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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Old August 21st, 2008, 11:37   #19
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Location: Montreal
Welcome !

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
1: There are no walk in stores that sell airsoft
2: A gun will cost around $1000

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
My question is mainly to these points.
1: Is that seriously true?

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
I play guitar but I didn't go out and buy a $1000 worth of gear before I learnt any songs, I wanted to find out if it was for me.
that's not the way airsoft works.
you like combat? you like sweat? you like pain?
you like firearms? then you will not regret your investment.
unless you buy some crap or a M4 (ahahah just kidding for the m4)
know what you want.
if you want out of airsoft you'll just have to sell them.
even if the guns are broken you can sell them, that's how bad people want them.

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
I don't particulaly want to have to go and meet someone to verify my age, I could show someone on here a scan of any legal age proving document they'd like to prove my age.
no one here particularly wants that either!
it's the RULE.if you're a good soldier you don't discuss the RULE

my advice:
buy an AEG, don't buy a pistol at first.
don't buy pimped up with scopes and stuff, just get the minimal GOOD gun and see.
DO get boots and a good load-bearing kit, cheap at any surplus.
get a sling for the will thank me for that.

if you like the green and the sweat you'll be hooked in no time.
you'll probably spend around 1000 to 2000$ in the first two years but once you're set, playing airsoft is pretty cheap.

many people start with an expensive inadapted kit to change back to cheap and simple, follow people's advices in the gear related threads to know what's best for you.

just do as we all do since it's the proven and tested easiest way to go, in Canada.

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Old August 21st, 2008, 11:42   #20
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Well it seems as if he is just going to do some informal backyard shooting, no?

Being that I live in the US, I don't know the exact ratio of the price of US guns to Canadian guns, but (correct me if i'm wrong) I think I have enough knowledge to say that a $60 USD KJW m9 pistol will not be more than $300 in canada? Very good reliable pistol, functions just like the real gun (the top slide cycles just like the real gun, takes down exactly like the real deal).
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Old August 23rd, 2008, 16:44   #21
Join Date: Aug 2008
Some interesting replies, thanks to those who replied sensibly.
Having read more and more and more again and PM'd with a few people I've actually learnt quite a bit.

To answer a couple of questions, I don't want a pellet gun like a barrel breaker or Gat gun etc 177 or 22, I've had many of those over the years and I'm not looking for something to leave holes in the side of my garage or break windows with ricochet.
The money comment on the last page seemed to almost be aimed at a teenager, the "If you can't afford it then it's not for you" type of deal, as I stated, it's not that I CAN'T afford it, like the other guy said, I have bills to pay, mouths to feed and a roof to keep over our heads, gas to put in the car, immigration fees to pay etc etc etc etc etc. It takes a rich man or someone with no finacial resposibilities to start a hobby with the best gear, average people start low end and work thier way up, I've got serveral grands worth of guitar equipment, my first was $100, I've got several grands worth of surfing equipment, my first was $300. I've also yet to find out how many and how often games/battles are held in my area, would be a bit silly to spend a fortune only to find out I can only use it properly once every 3 months. Besides, I just want something to "play with" for a while that actually hits what I aim at and doesn't break after 100 shots. They are out there, I've been directed at one that several people on here say is fine AND it's cheap!

Sorry but that was a kind of rant cos people who talk flippently about money either have too much of it or get to keep every penny they earn, niether of which have any idea what it's like to be low on cash, I'm not poor but I'm not rich either.

/rant over

One other thing, the age verification, it's not that I dissagree with it, I understand it completely but as I'm sure many of you do, I find it annoying that someone of my age has to be checked out because too many idiots took advantage of a good idea. My gripe isn't with the rule but the cause of the need for the rule.

Anyway, I gotta go pick up the missus, I might hang around this place, interesting reading and you never know, I might have something to offer when I become more educated on the subject.

Stay cool guys.....and gals
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Old August 23rd, 2008, 18:02   #22
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Location: Vancouver island, B.C.]

cheap and fun. although not instock...
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Old September 12th, 2008, 22:18   #23
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Well on the advice of a couple of members here I bought the one in the link above , the Aftermath Kraken AK47, $159.99 Canadian, it's perfect, thats all I wanted, a gun with enough power to be fun and acurate with adjustable sights etc, turns out it's much better than I expected even after reading the reviews here, it IS heavy, it IS over 50% metal, it IS powerful and it IS acurate and most importantly to IS affordable.
so thanks to all for the info.

Also while I'm here, instead of starting another thread, quick question, how are Canadian customs with parts, such as a rail mount or magazine etc for something like this, given I'm in the middle of immigration process to become a resident of Canada (I'm English) I don't want to draw any atention to myself of this nature , a box addressed to me with "AK47" written on it somewhere. Obviously no legal harm could come from it but if investigated or something it could look bad on my application.
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Old September 13th, 2008, 00:21   #24
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Mags are fine just no fake bullets (ie G36 and P90 mags).

Rails should be fine (they're just pieces of metal after all....)

You should go out to a game one day see what it's like, and the Kraken is more than gameable. In fact after a few reliability upgrades (shims, etc.) it should perform to a good enough standard to make your first game fun.

I only spent about $600 for my stuff from the classifieds so I would suggest that if you want something else (once the bug hits you and you need more to expand your armoury) or even some extra parts/gear to get verified and buy from there.
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Old September 13th, 2008, 00:45   #25
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Go to a local game. You'll get an idea of what folks are packing and what they cost. There might even be a verifier there at the same time.

Not perfect by less difficult that proving you're a qualified skirmisher in the UK.

Sites there are starting to exclude under 18s also.
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Old September 13th, 2008, 09:49   #26
Join Date: Aug 2008
I'll be making a visit to a game sometime, spare time is a real issue for the next month or so but yeah I'm perfectly sure the AK I got is gamable, I did the whole "Pop can" test and it blew out both sides of the can and 1 side of an indirect can behind, pierced the based and split the top, lets just say I dunno if I'd wanna get shot in the butt with it while sun bathing.
And I know I'm gonna spend too much money on this stuff, as you've guessed I'm already looking to buy upgrades and parts etc.
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Old September 13th, 2008, 12:43   #27
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haha thats funny, two weeks from mentioning the kraken and now you already have one.
congrats on getting your first good gun!
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Old September 13th, 2008, 13:05   #28
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a little unrelated but that retarded zaeem is banned from ebay

Oh and congrats on your AK, mate! I hope you enjoy airsoft, you'll see the addicting effect it has when playing.
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Old September 14th, 2008, 01:46   #29
Join Date: Aug 2008
Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
a little unrelated but that retarded zaeem is banned from ebay

Oh and congrats on your AK, mate! I hope you enjoy airsoft, you'll see the addicting effect it has when playing.
Oh I'll get out there as soon as I get some stuff settled, wanna get out there with my AK and get owned lol
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Old September 14th, 2008, 03:26   #30
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Carefull. Soon you might start calling it your Precious. Just like the rest of us do.
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