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The infrared anti-tank and bb hit dedection idea for vehicles



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Old July 29th, 2008, 17:29   #16
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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
Email the DoD and tell them you'd like to order the blueprints for a Javelin...

Just say you're the leader of a oil rich country, and you're fearful of being invaded...

by oil hungry javelin weilding americans
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Old July 30th, 2008, 13:16   #17
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That milestag link posted above is probably worth looking at for you. It looks like a nice system, even if it needs some work to get set up.

You will run into no end of issues trying to get optical systems going in an environment other than an indoor workbench at a few meters. Keep it as simple as possible at first, and use stuff someone else has tweaked and bug-fixed whenever possible.
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Old July 30th, 2008, 16:29   #18
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Milestag really sounds promising.
I will get on the topic when my friend is free to work on the circuits.
I contacted about vehicle hit dedection, talked about weak points etc, they seemed to like the idea.
I offered them help on the topic AND my friend (who is doing research & development) is interested in GPR topic, so really neat stuff can come out with some luck and attention from the GPR systems company.
Basicly it can be GPR system for vehicles, apart from shooting vehicle gas tanks and engines until they go pop, there is a chance to use c4 packs and stuff like that more realisticly on the vehicles.
I understand honor system is the best for airsoft games (especially long ones) but vehicles don't feel pain, so they are really tricky to import into the games.

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